How to Turn On Lucky Pick on Your Facebook Dating Account

If the Facebook dating feature is available in your country, you are sure to be very lucky because there you can get to meet your preferred type of people and also have access to turn on the Facebook dating lucky pick to match with dates.

How to Turn On Facebook Dating Lucky Pick

Facebook launched three new features which include audio chat, Lucky pick and match anywhere features on FB dating. Most FB dating users are already seeing and making use of the features of their dating apps.

Indeed there are reasons why Facebook decided to add the lucky pick feature to Facebook dating, and that is surely the reason why dating users want to know how to turn on and make use of the lucky pick feature.

What is the Lucky Pick Feature All About?

The lucky pick feature was added to the Facebook dating app in 2021. It is to help its users, especially the new FB dating users who do not have fast preferences on their Facebook dating accounts.

If you turn on the lucky pick feature it matches you with people on the dating app that do not fit into your preferences, on normal settings on FB dating you will be matched with people that suits your preferences.

How to Turn On Facebook Dating Lucky Pick

Definitely, what You will get here is the steps on How to Turn On Facebook Dating Lucky Pick as people are looking for it.

Do most new FB dating users always ask questions like how do they turn on the FB dating lucky pick feature? This may be due to the fact they have heard of the feature and what it helps you achieve.

Once you activate the FB dating feature on your FB account, you will gain access to make use of the newly added lucky pick feature. The steps are as follows:

  • Open the Facebook app on your android or iOS device, this is because you cannot make use of the dating feature without a Facebook account.
  • The next step to take is to check for the menu icon which is at the lower right part of your page screen for you to be able to locate and activate your dating FB dating, in order to turn on the lucky pick feature.
  • From your list of shortcuts, scroll to locate the FB dating feature so you can activate dating so can turn on the lucky pick to enjoy matching and meeting people outside your preferences.
  • Once you set up your Facebook dating profile and add any two locations. This will automatically turn on and allow you to make use of the lucky pick feature.

All the dating users on FB can make use of the lucky pick. This is because Facebook added the feature to expand its reach. So true with the available lucky pick feature on FB you will get to meet amazing potential dates.

Why You Need to Turn on and Make Use of the Lucky Pick on Facebook Dating

You need to turn on the lucky pick feature on your FB dating. This is because it will help you in situations whereby you aren’t getting matches from your preferred types of people on the dating app.


The information will help you know more about the lucky pick feature on Facebook dating and how to turn it on, in order to make the time you spend on the dating app more interesting and relevant.

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