Reason Why Your Facebook Dating App Notifications is not Working

Most of the users on the Facebook platform has confirmed the usefulness of the dating feature and has used it to its fullest. But even with the platform being very useful, you might still encounter a little bit of problem with the Facebook Dating Notifications, not Working. This problem rarely happens, and most of the time it is caused by sitting on a person’s Facebook account. So, in this content expect tips on how to fix your Facebook dating notification and more.

Reason Why Your Facebook Dating App Notifications is not Working

There is more to Facebook dating than just being a dating platform. Facebook has really upgraded dating with the dating platform. it got to the point where people and reviews started seeing Facebook dating as a rival to other top dating platforms available today. So, if you are using the platform, and you have problems with Facebook dating notification not working then you do not have to worry because expect steps to fixing that issue in this content.

How Useful is Facebook Dating Notification?

If you are making use of Facebook you should know how useful notification can be. Your Facebook notification alerts you with details of all the activities going on in your Facebook account. And that is how useful Facebook dating notification is. Facebook dating notification would make you enjoy the platform even more.

If you are familiar with the activities going on in Facebook dating then you should know what Facebook dating notification notifies you for. But in case you do not know, let me enlighten you:

  • The platform notifies you when you have a new match
  • You get notified when one of your matches messaged you

If you do not see these notifications, or if Facebook dating does not notify you might miss out on your chance to chat with your crush. Or you might not even know someone matched with you on the platform until you decide to check. This should at least give you a hint of how Useful Facebook notification is.

Reason Why Your Facebook Dating App Notifications is not Working

Now time for the main question, want to why your Facebook dating notification is not working? Then continue reading. Most of Facebook users who make use of the platform rarely complain about this problem. most users who encounter this issue mostly face it because their Facebook dating notification is not on. And they usually turn it off to hide it from friend or family. With that said, if your Facebook dating notification is not working, check the settings and turn it on.

If you do not know how to turn on the Facebook dating notification then follow the steps stated below:

  • Open your Facebook app via your mobile device
  • Tap menu
  • Then news feed
  • Tap the notification icon next to the dating notification

There you would know if it is on or off. And you can choose to leave it the way you see fit.

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