Using Facebook Dating to Find & Match Profile of Singles Nearby

Facebook dating is an online dating service that helps its users find their ideal partner by allowing them to filter based on different demographics, e.g., Age, Location, Height, and Weight, with additional information to match users that fit each other narratives. Specific demographics, Like location and region, will help you find Facebook Dating matches from the profiles of singles around you.

Facebook Dating Find Profile of New Singles Nearby to Match With

Facebook Dating allows you to meet new people by creating a profile. Also, the feature will enable you to send likes and messages to people you find attractive, or that fit your demographics. Once the person likes you back, you become a match and can start chatting.

To keep its Dating feature private, Facebook Dating does not allow its users to find specific profiles. Yeah, with an additional privacy setting to stop Facebook from suggesting them to friends, friends of friends, and families on Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook Dating also uses Interests such as Facebook groups and events you have in common to suggest a match for you.

Note: Facebook Dating is only available on the Facebook app and only to users above 18. Also, the Dating feature is only available on Android and iOS devices. 

What is a Facebook Dating Profile?

A Facebook dating profile helps you connect with other users that fit your description. Your profile contains all the information you want potential matches to know about you.

Your profile is very crucial in Facebook Dating because it helps users picture who their match is. The Dating profile contains a short narrative of the users, or you can pick three adjectives about yourself and use the space in between to give them context. Also, it is advisable to have a short description of what you want in a partner.

Can I Find Someone on Dating Using Their Facebook Profile?

Although Facebook Dating is a feature in the Facebook app, it has an entirely different profile. Also, because it doesn’t have an active feed with no search bar, which helps users feel anonymous, your friends and family on Facebook can’t see your Dating profile or activity. So the answer is NO, you can’t find someone on Dating using their Facebook profile.

What to Understand about Finding FB Profiles?

Facebook helps you find profiles by matching you with people who fit your description.

You can also find Facebook Dating Profiles in events and Groups and Events you have shown interest in. To find Dating profiles in Events and Groups;

  • Go to the Facebook app
  • Tap the Three dashed lines, then tap Dating.
  • Scroll down to More to Explore, and tap Events in Common or Groups in Common.

The first time you go into Events in Common or Groups in Common, you need to choose to include all of your events or groups or specific ones.

How to Find Facebook Dating Profiles of Nearby Singles

To find nearby Facebook Dating Profiles, you;

  • Go to your Facebook app, tap, then tap Dating.
  • Tap Profile.
  • Tap, then Dating location.
  • Tap Add locations.
  • Then, please search for the location you want to add and tap it.

Issues You May Encounter when Finding FB Profiles

Technically, you can’t search for Facebook Dating profiles as Facebook provides a match for you based on the demographics and information you provide. You can also find profile matches in groups and events you are interested in.  

Why You Can’t Find a Particular Person’s Facebook Dating Profile?

You can’t find a particular person’s Facebook Dating Profile because it doesn’t have a search feature to keep the Dating feature private, unlike the Facebook app, just like most dating apps, where you can’t search for specific users and can only find a match based on the information you provide.


To conclude, Facebook dating makes it easier for users to find their ideal partner. Furthermore, Facebook Dating makes it better by allowing its users to get matches to singles near them by reducing the distance of potential matches in their Dating preferences on their Facebook Dating profile.

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