Facebook Dating Fake Profile: What’s it & How to Detect ‘1’ Today

To begin with, what is a Facebook Dating Fake profile? Face Dating fake profiles are profiles created by people not interested in dating but looking to scam others out of their money or boost their ego.

Facebook Dating Fake Profile: What's it & How to Detect '1' Today

Fake Dating profiles or “Catfishing Accounts” have become rampant these days, and thousands of people have been victims of these romantic scams. What the people behind these fake profiles do is try to build a relationship with their match, showering them with love and attention. Meanwhile, their only goal is to get money from whoever their target is.

Anyone can be a victim of a Fake Facebook profile. Sometimes, with a perfect-looking picture, these profiles can be too good to be fake. Also, these profiles have captivating write-ups that grab your attention to make the phoney profile a lot more challenging to spot.

However, there are still multiple ways you can spot a fake profile to help you avoid being catfished.

How Does Fake Dating Profile Work?

A Facebook Dating profile makes meeting and starting new conversations easier with people who share your interests as a partner. The increasing popularity of Facebook Dating has left it exposed to scammers. While Facebook works hard to remove most of these accounts, some still scale through.

They pretend to be perfect partners, build relationships, and ask for money. At the same time, some do it to feel better about themselves. They use attractive photos and message people they know they won’t meet.

Does Facebook Dating Have Fake Profiles?

Yes, Facebook Dating has lots of Fake profiles. These people will create a  profile with someone’s good-looking picture and try to attract victims who might find them attractive and are just trying to meet someone online.

What’s Considered a Fake Profile on Facebook Dating?

When users create a Facebook Dating account with a picture that’s not theirs. Or create a profile for egoistic reasons to make themselves feel better. This can be considered a Fake Facebook Dating profile.

  • Identity theft.
  • Using a false location
  • False descriptions on your profile.
  • Spread fake and false information.
  • They are falsely requesting money for a purpose you can’t fulfil.

Can You Make and Use a Fake Facebook Dating Profile?

Anyone can make and create a fake Facebook Dating profile. However, creating and using a fake Facebook Dating profile is illegal. It is called identity theft. If caught, you can serve from 2 to 20 years in prison and pay up to $30,000 in fines, depending on the state in which you live.

Ways to Detect a Fake Facebook Dating Profile?

There are multiple ways you can detect a fake Facebook Dating profile;

  • Inconsistency in Their Texts when Discussing Personal Information

Firstly, Most people with counterfeit profiles text various people simultaneously, so they sometimes mix it up. As soon as you notice inconsistency in their text or they are reluctant to talk about their personal lives. Then you should know there is a chance it might be a fake profile.

  • Ask for their Facebook Profile:

This is a great way to detect fake profiles. When texting a match on Facebook Dating, asking for their account name is advisable as most Fake profiles refuse to give theirs up.

  • Ask for a Video Call:

If you are at the point of exchanging contact or iMessages, the only right thing to do is to ask for a video. No catfish would want a video call since they’re not the person in the profile.

  • Lack of Detail:

Also, If their name, age, and location are the only things filled out, chances are it is a fake profile. Fake profiles and scammers will likely leave parts of their profiles blank, which is a huge red flag.

They ask for personal information, or they send you links to click.

  • Money:

Lately, as soon as whoever you’re texting with on Facebook Dating needs money for reasons like they have a family member or a friend who needs treatment or are broke and can’t keep up with bills, it is likely a fake profile. Never send money to someone you met on Facebook dating, even though you have met them in person.

What to Do if You Find a Fake Facebook Dating Profile?

Once you notice a Fake Dating profile, there are two things you should do;

  • go to support or Report Profile. Follow the on-screen instructions for fake profiles to file a report.
  • Block the Dating profile.

For more information on how to report a Facebook dating profile, Click here.

Ways to Know if a FB Dating Profile is Real?

There is no definite way to determine whether a Facebook Dating profile is accurate. However, here are some patterns of a precise profile;

  • Ask for their Facebook profile: An accurate profile would never shy away from showing you their Facebook profile when asked. 
  • Check through their page to see any posts on their profiles. If it is interactive, the comment section is most likely authentic. You can also check their follower/to see if family or friends are following them.
  • Video call: Ask for a video call, as a user with an accurate profile would never shy away from video calls.
  • They are willing to talk over the phone.
  • They take their time to get to know you: Most fake profiles rush through getting to know each other before telling you how much they love you.


In conclusion, a fake Facebook Dating profile is when a user creates a Dating profile in the name and image of someone they are not. These people are only out to get your money or hurt you emotionally. They do not care about you in any way. 

Most importantly, anyone can fall victim to these people. Never send out your personal information to anyone or send money to anyone you match with on Facebook Dating.

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