5 Elements Web Designers Should Use to Delight Users | No. 3’s a Must Use

Elements Web Designers Should Use to Delight Users! Website design is constantly evolving. Businesses that update their websites as per the latest design trends, consumers’ behaviour and market demands can stay ahead of the curve.

5 Elements Web Designers Should Use to Delight Users

Adding some design elements can immediately capture user interest. Yeah, they create a positive user experience and better describe your brand story.

There is no need to use every design element in your website design, it will only create a confusing user experience. The key is to choose only those design elements that perfectly aligns with your business’s goals. Also, seek what will improve your website appearance and user experience.

If you are thinking of revamping your website design, here are a few important web design elements your design team should consider to make it visually appealing and high-performing.

5 Sure Elements Web Designers Should Use to Delight Users

No doubt web designers will be amazed and satisfied with the elements in this article as they will definitely delight their users with it.

Now, let’s explore.

  1. Video Background

Believe it or not, a website background acts as a great tool, if used right can give your website a whole new look. A bad choice can impact the overall experience and make it difficult for your brand to shine.

So, it is really important to choose the background that works well for your website. Video backgrounds are one of the best background choices available for your website. The trend of using video backgrounds is all the rage. Videos can be used to tell your brand story and clearly explain what your brand is all about.

When visitors land on your website, you have only 3 seconds to capture their attention and convince them to stick to your website. A video background captures the interest of the visitors and gets them to stay on the website.

Furthermore, with a video background, you can make a strong emotional connection with your potential customers. Keep in mind that a video background can impact your website loading speed. So, it is advised to optimize your video for a better load time.

Well, using a dedicated server is a sensible approach to ensure incredible SEO performance and better page speed results.

  1. Hero Images

Adding visual details and graphic elements is the new web design trend. It is widely used by many designers, marketers and businesses to give their websites an entirely new look.

A big eye-catching image that takes all pre-scroll full-width space on the page can instantly grab the attention of the visitors. With a hero image, you can create a visual and emotional connection with your prospects.

Many designers think it is a great way to impress first-time visitors and provide a quick visual message about the content. It is a great way to convince users to scroll down for more information and click on the CTA button.

With the help of images, shapes and colours, web designers can create a positive first impression and set the proper visual style for your brand.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Design (One of the Best Elements Web Designers Use to Delight Users)

Today, it has become an essential necessity for brands to create a mobile-friendly website. This is to deliver an outside box experience on almost every device type. Websites that automatically resize images, text and user interfaces and respond to any device will create a positive user experience.

In addition, Google loves mobile-friendly websites and it will help you earn better rankings on search engine result pages. In this mobile-obsessed world where everything is done with a few clicks, now is the time to take action and consult with a professional web design company in Dubai to create a mobile-friendly design for your website.

  1. Use Effective CTA Buttons

Call-to-action buttons are the most important design element of a website that guide users to take favourable action. It is one of the most important parts of web design that can drive conversions and sales. The goal of using a CTA button is to encourage users to click and complete a conversion.

Make sure your website is packed with attention-grabbing CTA buttons. As this will improve the visual look of the website and its performance in terms of conversions and sales.

There are many ways to use a CTA button for your website. It is important to discover the right type of CTA button to make it visually impressive. You can fulfil different goals with the help of a CTA button.

For instance, from lead generation to form submission, product or service discovery to lead nurturing, social sharing and event promotion, there are different ways to use a CTA button on your website. You can experiment with the shape, colours, text and position of the CTA button to get maximum leads and conversions.

  1. Oversized Typography

It’s no secret that typography is one of the most important design elements of a website design that can make or break your website design. Using oversized text in a website design can create a sophisticated look while allowing users to easily read the text without zooming in or squinting at the device.

Today, more and more websites are adopting the trend of oversized typography to create a seamless and well-integrated web experience for visitors.

Now, when it comes to using large text for your website, make sure to use significant white space between lines to make the text readable, otherwise, your website will look cluttered.

By using oversize typography, you provide users with great flexibility to easily scan and digest the content. So, increase the readability by using large font size and provide your readers with a painless and effortless reading experience.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating these design elements into your website will definitely help you come up with an out-of-the-box design. This impresses your site visitors and encourages them to engage with your site.

Lastly, it’s the right time for web designers to experiment with some trendy design elements to give their websites a refreshing feel and delight users with videos, fonts and responsive design.

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