Download the Facebook Android & iOS App to Play its Free Games

If you ever wonder if you can Download Facebook Games Free, let’s find out. Facebook games are becoming increasingly popular, with hundreds of fun games to play solo, with friends or compete online. Due to the increase in popularity, Facebook gaming used to have a standalone app, which shut down in 2020.

Facebook Games Download Free to Play on Android & iOS Device

The Facebook gaming app launched to compete against colossal streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube in a saturated market failed and was inevitably shut down. Facebook games can now only be accessed on the Facebook app in its menu section.

Regardless, Facebook is still committed to connecting players with their friends on the gaming section of its platform.

What Exactly Are Facebook Games, and Are They Free?

Yes, Facebook games are free. Facebook Games is a feature in the Facebook App with hundreds of fun games, connecting players, fans and creators with the games they love.

Facebook Games are cool and exciting games you will find on the Facebook app or the Facebook Gaming app.

Note: All Games on Facebook are Free.

Can You Download Facebook Games?

All Facebook games are in the app and available to all users for free. That said, you might see some fun on your App Store or PlaySore, e.g. 8 ball Pool, which shows that the Game Developer has uploaded them.

Furthermore, these games are collaborators with Facebook, which gives the games the option that allows its players to connect to their Facebook to provide them with the opportunity to play against their Facebook friends. Therefore, you might find some Facebook games available for download, but not all. 

How to Download Facebook Games for Free

You can’t download Facebook games because they’re all free on the app, except for games uploaded to the App Store and Play Store by the game developers. If you want to find out if a competition on Facebook is available for download, go to your App Store and search for the game. 

Facebook App Download for Free iOS

How to download the Facebook app for free on iOS;

  •  Go to your App Store and search for the name Facebook. 
  • Afterwards, there is a pop of Facebook app and related apps.
  •  You can then click on the app, confirm if it is the correct Facebook app, and click on Get. 
  • The app automatically installs on your iOS after you hit Get, and the app automatically installs on your iOS device. 

Click here to download Facebook on your iOS.

Download the Facebook Android App for Free

To download the Facebook app for free on Android devices;

  •  Go to your PlayStore and search Facebook. 
  • Afterwards, the Facebook app and related apps pop up. Most times, the first and second are most likely the correct app.
  • After you click, check to see if it is the right app and click Install once you’ve confirmed it. 

Click here to download Facebook on your Android.

How to Access and Play FB Games 

You can play Facebook games on its app. How to access Facebook games

  • You can access Facebook games from the Facebook app. When you log in, click on the three lines at the top of your screen, which takes you to the menu and then click gaming. 


In conclusion, you cannot download Facebook games because it is accessible for free on the Facebook app. Facebook Gaming used to have a standalone app, but it has been shut down since 2020.

But why choose to fill your device with multiple games when Facebook has given you the luxury of having all these games in its app, where you can engage with game communities, play against friends, compete online and enjoy the game for free?

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