How to Stream PC Games on Facebook | CHECK NOW

Facebook has lots of amazing features on the platform, but Facebook gaming is one of the remarkable features Facebook added to the platform. now, Facebook gaming is so popular that over hundreds of millions of people visit the platform per day. Facebook gaming has brought people together from different parts of the world, and it is still delivering as expected until today. If you are a top gamer on Facebook then you should know about how to stream games on Facebook especially PC games. Facebook is among the top game streaming platform in the world today. Facebook live was not created for vlogging and uploading videos alone, Facebook live now supports gamers who wish to stream their games on Facebook.

How to Stream PC Games on Facebook | CHECK NOW

Facebook gaming is now the third top game streaming platform following Twitch and YouTube. Hearing this should not be a surprise to you if you have used Facebook well enough. Facebook has over 1.5 billion users today making it the number one social media platform around today, so if you wish to live stream on Facebook you are not making a mistake. Facebook gaming has lots of potential streamers, so if you want to join the platform and become a streamer then follow the steps, I would be stating for you below.

Streaming Games on Facebook Using Your PC

Facebook is looking forward to more streaming audience captured by Twitch and YouTube. Facebook has developed software designed to make streaming PC games easier and live on the social network. Streaming games on Facebook streaming is becoming revolutionary because Facebook has created software to make Facebook streaming easier on the platform. below I would be giving you what you need to stream your PC games on Facebook. they include:

  • Facebook account
  • Facebook gaming creator page and
  • A PC that has a capture card if you would be streaming a console game.

If you have all these features available, you should be set to begin your Facebook gaming live stream. Well, if you want to stream so bad, and you do not know how to create a Facebook gaming creator page, then you need to create one.

Things to Have in Place Before You Begin

First, set up a gaming video creator page once you are done with that, you would be asked to select an Encoder. I would advise that you go for a dedicated appliance like Wowza Clearcaster because it is reliable and will give you a reliable streaming experience.

If using an encoder is not an option for you, or you cannot use one, then I would also advise that you use other software encoders like Streamlabs OBS, XSplit or OBS. If you are downloading any software encoder, then you need to note that you only run the necessary software on your device for the optimal streaming experience.

How to Stream PC Games on Facebook

This is where you will learn how stream PC games on Facebook ad long as you have everything in place to achieve it. To begin your stream, what you need to do is:

  • Go to the creator portal
  • Click “create a live stream”
  • Select where you wish to post your live broadcast, then select your gaming video creator page
  • Copy your stream key/ the server URL then past it in your software settings
  • Click “Facebook live” below “service”
  • Go to the gaming software and begin your stream. A preview of your stream on Facebook, you stream key and server URL is displayed
  • Tag the game on your creator portal and then give details of your game for you follower
  • And finally, click go life and begin the stream.
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