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Are you thinking about birthday gifts to buy for your staff in December? Don’t ‘slack’ when it comes to it. Besides, thinking outside the box while shopping for a team is always fun. You have shared laughs, created inside jokes and enjoyed many happy hours together.

18 December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your Staff

Regarding gifting during birthdays, one or two things come to mind for our friends. Therefore, we are here to give you options for buying gifts.

9 December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Male Staff

There are many gifts for your male staff, but below are nine birthday gifts for him.

1. Stoneware Monogram Mug ‘A’ Blue 

If they can’t seem to make it through an eight-hour workday without a little kick, gift them with this coffee mug that displays their initials. You can buy it for the coffee-obsessed staff.

2. Espresso Martini Truffles 

If they’re scheduling happy hours right after their daily meetings, gift them with the sweet treat version of their go-to drink! Whether a classy champagne or an energizing espresso martini, Sugarfina offers various non-alcoholic and alcohol-inspired candies. Moreover, you can get it for the stuff you love to do happy hour with!

3. Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens is One of the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Staff in December

Social media editorial assistant Annie Shigo has gifted these in the past, which she dubs the “best pens.” However, it’s easy to see why — it boasts a wide colour variety and smooth writing capabilities that help it stand out. Plus, it’s less than $15 for a pack of 10 gel pens, making it an affordable and practical gift. Also, a co-worker who’s particular about which pen they use in their planner will love this.

4. Sichuan Gold 

This gift will be perfect for the staff who like to add spice to their lunch order. Senior SEO editor Jess Bender recommends gifting this to the foodie in your office who is constantly spicing things up with their homemade lunches. If their lunch could use a little kick, this chilli sauce is perfect as it packs nine times the amount of heat as their traditional chilli oil.

5. Clear Stackable Bins 

This gift will be lovely for the staff whose New Year resolves to remain organized. Besides, the production coordinator Camryn Privette is gifting this to a fellow Shop TODAY staff, production associate Audrey Ekman, this holiday season. While it’s all from a place of good intention, Privette notes it’s meant for Ekman to keep her desk “nice and tidy.”

6. ILLIYOON Ceramide Ato Lotion: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Staff in December

For the staff who suffers from dry hands, if this gift is given to him, he will surely appreciate it. Privette recommends her “favourite body lotion” for those who suffer from dry, cracked skin once winter rolls around. And it is made with ceramides; this gift will surely keep their hands hydrated.

7. Greatest Hits Gift Box 

If he is anything like this, once he hits the afternoon slump, there’s no coming back from it unless there’s a snack involved. Then, you can help him survive the afternoons with this nut variety pack that includes almonds, cashews, dark chocolate sea salt almonds, trail mix, wasabi peanuts and more.

8. Clog Slippers 

You can buy this birthday gift for the staff who want to bring WFH life to the office. In other words, gift them with these temperature-regulated slippers if your office suffers from “women’s winter” or cold temperatures, no matter what it feels like outside.

They work to keep your feet comfortable, no matter if it’s 8 or 80 degrees outside. Even if they wear them while they work from home, business casual has never felt more cozy.

9. Water A resistant Laptop Sleeve is on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Staff in December

Indeed, the work environment has drastically evolved over the last few years, so your staff might need to bring his laptops to and from the office regularly. Fortunately, you will have them covered with this padded sleeve with over 40,000 verified five-star ratings!

9 December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Female Staff

Thestaff’s staff’s December Birthday gifts are listed below.

1. Soft Knit Clogs Slippers 

In addition, you can get this gift for the staff who prioritizes hydration. In other words, if you team a team who can always be seen doting on their oversized emotional support water bottle, gift them that that will become their next obsession.

2. Crockpot Electric Lunch Box 

Some staff are good about bringing their lunch from home. You can buy this gift for them. Furthermore, this portable electric lunchbox from Crockpot eliminates the need to microwave your meal, warming it up at her desk instead.

The tight-sealing lid promises that the contents of her lunch will stay in place.

3. Sauce Kits: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Staff in December

While some staff love adding a little kick to their sack lunch, this gift will benefit them. Also, Shigo recommends these sauce packets for a co-worker who loves to add spice to any that doesn’t have enough pantry or fridge space for multiple bottles.

And with this, she will be glad to see the 15-pack that includes savoury chilli garlic sauce, savoury lemongrass marinade, tangy miso sauce, smoky K-BBQ marinade and Thai chilli citrus sauce.

4. Pilot Dr Grip Limited Pen 

These are the best tech and office gifts for a female staff. Especially if their job requires a lot of jotting down notes, they deserve a writing utensil that has their comfort in mind.

5. 2024 Fruit Stand Desk Calendar 

You should opt for this delicious desk calendar for those who are always making the most of their lunch break. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this is a helpful helpful gift. It also comes in a nature-themed option with floral scapes from around the world if you’re looking for meaningful gifts for your most wanderlust-stricken staff

6. A Social Stationary Set is One amazing zing  Birthday Gift to Buy for Your Staff in December

While you’re at it, help them get essential memos across with unique stationery from Rifle Paper Co. We suggest opting for a monogrammed or personalized design to add a special touch. Hence, they will appreciate that you love them improving in their office.

7. Smart Plug 

A smart plug is one of the hottest tech grounds — for a good reason. For starters, you can turn on and off lights and appliances thanks to its Alexa capabilities. This will remembered and appreciated by her.

8. Gel Seat Cushion 

The brand says this practical seat cushion, with over 64,000 verified five-star ratings on Amazon, is designed to provide lower back and tailbone support, making it perfect for the staff glued to their office chair. It will be nice if given to her, especially when she likes sitting down, or her work demands sitting down.

9. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Staff in December

This is the best beauty and wellDecember for a female staff. Skincare lovers will love their jade roller, which helps face cream absorb more effectively while massaging tense muscles. And it sounds like the perfect way to cap off a stressful day for her.


So, there you have everything you need to know about buying the perfect gift for your staff this December. But remember, a donation is only as unique as the thought behind it. So, put some heart into it, and show your appreciation for all your staff’s hard work. Happy shopping!

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