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You are reading the proper article if you are worried about the gifts to buy for your triplets for their birthday in December. You might be thinking about what to purchase for someone with triplets as children, a friend’s child, a relative, or even just buddies. For this reason, this piece will present the triplets’ birthday gifts to buy in December.

27 December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your Triplets

Here are some incredible 27 gifts to purchase triplets for their December birthday. Buying gifts for a single child is difficult, but one has to get particularly imaginative for triplets.

9 December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Male Triplets

Here, you will see the unique gifts you can offer your male triplets this December for their birthday.

1. Limit LMT68 Mini Pro Stunt Kick Scooter

We all know that most boys love scooters, so that you can introduce your triplets to the joys of scooting.  Scooting is excellent for kids.

2. PS5

Getting a PS5 will not be a bad idea, as most boys love playing games, and I think getting them will not be a bad idea. Check them out by clicking here.

3. The Adidas Matching T-shirt is on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

Firstly, we have shirts that match. T-shirts must be the most inexpensive yet considerate birthday gifts you can give for triplets. And that’s because they can never have enough matching clothing. They are also straightforward to modify.

4. Amazon Wristwatches

You may choose from a vast assortment of wristwatch designs, considering they are available in various styles. You can even buy it according to their favourite colour.

5. HML Wireless Earbuds

Some items you can think about purchasing as birthday presents for any triplets born. They will much appreciate gifts that relieve them of the burden of tangled cables.

6. CASEOLOGY by Spigen Vacuum Pump Waterproof Phone Pouch: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

For each triplet, there are three different phone pouches available. To ensure you attract and retain the best pouch for them, make sure of the specific device they use. And indeed, it will be a nice birthday gift for triplets.

7. American Tourister Fizz 32 Ltrs Large Size Casual Backpack

Backpacks are described as versatile bags, and I agree. Your triplets will no doubt use their new bag to pack clothes. Instead, it’ll be used for a weekend getaway or as a laptop bag for their computer and related equipment.

8. RAAVIDIYA Winter Knit Beanie Woolen Cap

Faces are one of those accessories everyone may wear, which can improve your overall attire. They are ideal for informal gatherings. Also, For each of the triplets, you may purchase a face Cap that matches.

9. Nike Men’s Air Max Shoes are Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

Matching sneakers are one of the most affordable and easy-to-find birthday gifts for male triplets. Although, each person can get theirs in their favourite colour or most times the same colour.

9 December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Female Triplets

Here are some excellent birthday presents you may get for female triplets

1. HORSE SECRET Family Christmas Pajamas Matching Set 

This will be an excellent idea because it will make them unique when sleeping together. And also in the same colour.

2. Hiflyer Jewels 9 MM Yellow Pearl Capsule Bracelet

Make some leather bracelets personalized with their names or initials. Additionally, this will make lovely birthday presents for triplets.

3. ASHVAH Customized Nandini Name Ceramic Coffee Mug is One of the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

Getting a mug with their initials is no bad idea; they are sure they will love it. Mainly when they use it to drink a hot coffee or tea.

4. SECURE BASKET® Jewellery Organisers Storage Box

This may help them keep their jewellery well and prevent them from misplacing it. This will be much appreciated.

5. O2 Spa Flat 10% off at checkout E-Gift Card

Spa gift cards make great birthday gifts to buy for female triplets. Indeed, they won’t easily forget how a spa trip sponsored by you feels.

6. Mohvogue Women’s Light Blue Crepe Printed Top with Matching Trousers are on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

Do you get something they can wear daily and still look unique? Well, get them lovely matching trousers for them.

7. The Tee Shop Matching T-shirts

Perfect for triplets who are constantly shopping for synchronized clothing to wear. They can wear it for outings.

8. Srhythm NC25 Wireless Headphones

Anyone would want to own a pair of these trendy headphones, and I’m sure of that. It will be nice.

9. Miss Pink Women Grandma Bracelet is Also Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

You may also get a wire bracelet and necklaces for your ideal pair of triplets. You can purchase three designs for each person or the same for all.

9 December Birthday Gifts to Buys for Triplets that are Male and Female

For male and female triplets, here is a list of them;

1. Mush Bamboo Towels

Towels are great birthday gifts to buy for male and female triplets. And you can also have their names engraved on it.

2. NEORAH – B6 Squared, Notebook

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts that are specially made for them, including the triplets you have in mind. Therefore, for each triplet’s birthday in September, purchase.

3. VIMAL JONNEY Multicolor Cotton Blend Pyjamas: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

If you purchase presents like this, you can’t go wrong. The triplets would undoubtedly adore receiving identical gifts for their birthday.

4. FATMUG Travel Toiletry Organizer Bag

One of the secure birthday presents you can get for triplets of various sexes is a set of toiletry bags. You can go one step further and make it unique so that each person can tell their bag apart from another.

5. Omved Baby Bib

For the triplets, purchase a matching set of bibs. That will be very cute on them. So, you can consider buying this as a birthday gift for them.

6. Tween Trends Matching Tshirt is One of the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

Getting a nice T-shirt will be nice for a triplet’s birthday. It just brings out that unique feature in them.

7. The 5 Am Club

Getting inspirational books for them is also an excellent idea. It will build their education foundation and vocabularies.

8. Apple iPhone 12

Everyone will love to have an excellent iPhone, so even your triples will not be off the table of getting that gift.

9. Dallas Hill Designs Crossbody is Also Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Triplets in December 

Getting a matching cross bag for each of them is no bad idea. They can wear it together for particular outings.


In conclusion, there’s a gift here for any set of triplets, regardless of their sex and personal interests. Therefore, please choose an inheritance according to their favourite. And don’t forget to do it with love and a smile on your face.

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