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It’s December, and you need to buy birthday gifts for your co-worker; what are you waiting for? We are here to be of help. Sometimes, you need to show your care for your co-worker, especially if it’s a person you love working with. Check out the gift ideas and prepare to be your co-worker’s favourite.

18 December Birthday Gifts to Buy For Your Co-Worker

9 December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Male Co-worker

Moreover, the male co-worker’s birthday gifts are mentioned below;

1. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

An eco-conscious co-worker will undoubtedly appreciate this intelligent notebook, which transfers handwritten notes to the cloud before the pages are wiped clean for repeated use.

2. Truffles and Wine Gift Set

Your co-workers will have no reason to whine if you get them this truffle and wine duo set, which features a bottle of dessert wine and a box of coffee, cherry, raspberry, almond, all-dark, and milk chocolate truffles.

3. Storm Cloud is Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Co-Worker in December 

This is a unique birthday gift for your co-worker. However, this neat desk accessory is filled with a special liquid that crystalizes in different patterns as the air pressure changes, helping to keep your co-worker in the know about weather patterns (and endlessly amused).

4. PILOT Personalized Fountain Pen

Nevertheless, your co-worker will feel oh-so-fancy signing important documents with their personalized fountain pen, which features a brass barrel with stainless steel accents and nib.

5. Palais des Thés Teas from Around the World Gift Box Set

  Again, is your co-worker a big tea drinker? Then, take them on a trip with this tea-tasting set, which includes 10 tubes of loose tea from Asia, Africa and America.

6. Q1 – EU Wireless Charger Station is on the List of Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Co-Worker in December 

Indeed, help your co-worker make sure that all his devices are charged up with this multitasking charging station, which is perfect for someone who is low on outlets ( and has devices that are always low on juice). Surely, this is a tech gift that he will appropriate.

7. TYMY Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager

The only thing better than a spa day is bringing the spa to work. Certainly, this massager can easily fit on your male co-worker’s chair to knead out his knots while he finishes that dang report.

8. UNIQUEBELLA Carry-on Garment Bag Duffle with Shoe Pouch

A co-worker who is always on the move could use this handy Duffle bag, which includes a garment compartment for keeping nice clothes wrinkle-free. However, this is one of the best gifts for a male co-worker; he will surely love this.

9. Classic Mouse Pad is Also an Amazing Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Co-Worker in December 

Also, this is available in black onyx, brown, navy blue, or cognac; this grain leather mouse pad (which can also be personalized with your co-worker’s initials) makes any desk look classier than ever.

9 December Birthday Gifts To Buy For Your Female Co-worker

And below are the birthday gifts for your female co-worker; surely, she will love them.

1. Grace Bonney In the Company of Women

This book is filled with great advice from glass-ceiling-shattering women, and whenever your female co-worker needs some inspiration, they can flip through these pages to find it. She will love it, especially if she loves reading inspirational books.

2. CuteButRude “Favorite Employee” Coffee Mug

It’s not subtle, but this mug will make your co-worker laugh out loud because it has a quote that says,” I love how we don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favourite co-worker ”.

3. Aluratek Digital Picture Frame is One of the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Co-Worker in December 

This digital desktop frame is compact but with plenty of storage space for photos, allowing your female co-worker to show off pictures of her friends and family. You can put her birthday picture on it.

4. EEZ-Y Windproof Travel Umbrella

An umbrella might not feel like the most exciting gift, but it’s incredibly practical and useful. For this reason, when it’s down-pouring after work, even though the day’s weather app showed nothing but clear skies, your co-worker will be so thankful for this gift.

5. Pear Nova Holiday Essentials Nail Set

Still shopping for a female co-worker? Then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous nail polish set, which includes four classic nail shades, a fast dry top coat and cuticle oil. Undoubtedly, this is a great pick she will love.

6. TravelRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow: Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Co-Worker in December 

This is made with spongy memory foam. This plush yet firm travel pillow will allow your co-worker to catch some zzzs while on the road.

7. Italian Leather Desk Notepad

Add instant polish to your co-worker’s desk with this beautiful Italian-made notepad, which you can personalize by adding a foil-debossed monogram. Moreover, this will be a luxe gift for her desk.

8. Jasper Hill Farm Cheese Tasting Box

If your co-workers appreciate a little cheesy gift, get them this Vermont cheese sampler. However, it comes in six different box options, depending on your budget.

9. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is Also Among the Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Co-Worker in December 

Additionally, a co-worker who spends too much time on their phone, especially on social media, will get peace of mind from this UV light phone cleaner. This is because it will help zap bacteria and germs within minutes.


Sometimes, you find happiness working with that co-worker of yours, and there is no better way to show appreciation than with a nice gift on his or her birthday. Do this with love and joy because it will mean a lot.

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