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This is to update those concerned about the Book Novel to read for the 2022 JAMB Use of English CBT Examination. Details about the book to read and why you need it are given below.

Book (Novel) to Read for JAMB Use of English 2022 Exam

It is very important you know the Book to Read for JAMB 2022 Use of English, and you are strongly advised to read this book because questions usually come out from the book they carry a very significant score so you must read and understand the novel. If you do not have the Book to Read for JAMB 2022 that means you haven’t started reading it.

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Note: If you are a fast reader, i.e if you assimilate easily then it is not too late for you. In this article, we shall reveal the novel to be used for the JAMB 2021 examination.

Why You Need to Know About the Book to Read for JAMB 2022 Use of English

As the date for 2022 JAMB is closing in, all candidates are expected to have been done with preparations for the examination by now. Most of you already know the nature of the JAMB examination, four subjects of which use of English is compulsory for all candidates no matter what course you want to study.

The use of English is subdivided into several parts but today we shall be talking about the literature section and the Book to Read for JAMB 2022 Use of English.

Before we go any further, you should know that the use of English consists of other sections like antonyms and synonyms, passages, lexis and structure, comprehension, grammar test, oral English some others, including the literature which you will be given a novel to read.

Apart from the fact that questions from the English novel are usually scored high, many questions are usually set from it, roughly 40% of the questions on the Use of English will be from the novel, so you see how important this novel is.

We advise all JAMB candidates to read the novel and practice questions on the novel if you can also get past questions, that would be good and helpful to you.

No matter how tough you think your JAMB subject combination is, you need to take this seriously because it is more like a bonus section, questions from the novel are not always complicated and they are also cheap questions. If you can read through the novel well and answer all the questions correctly, then you got yourself some bonus marks.

Literature Novels to Read for 2022 JAMB Use of English

We earlier mentioned that we are going to tell the novels that are to be used for the 2022 JAMB examination.

In case you are not aware by now, it is a bit late but with hard work and consistency, anything can be achieved. You should all know by now that the 2022 JAMB examination will kick off on the 19th of June 2021 and the literature novels to read include:

  • The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

Now that you know the Book to Read for JAMB 2022, you should start reading it as soon as possible so you can be done with it before the commencement of the examination.

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