Top 5 Best JAMB CBT Practice App to Download and Use for Free in 2022 | No. 3 is Top Notch

Since the adoption of the computer-based system of examination for JAMB, students are now dropping the JAMB past questions pack and focusing more on JAMB CBT apps and software available on the internet for both devices and PC. As a matter of fact, these apps differ and are updated frequently to add more features to make the app more user-friendly, which is why we shall be looking at the best JAMB app 2022.

Top 5 Best 2022 JAMB CBT Exam Practice App Reviews

Best JAMB App to Use this Year 2022

The JAMB CBT apps come with some key features that help students prepare mentally and academically for their exams, many a time have students been thrown off balance at the sight of questions on the computer screen.

But with consistent practice and study, students become more confident and familiar with the kind of questions to expect on the day of the examination.

We advise that when you feel you are done reading all the necessary topics you should download and install any of the JAMB apps listed below and use them to practice. You can take it as your own mock examination if you want. Important features of the JAMB CBT practice apps listed below are:

  • The apps contain questions from the JAMB syllabus, past questions, and likely questions to come out in the main examination.
  • The app is also timed, so it is almost like you are sitting for the JAMB examination, after each session with the practice app, your score will be displayed.
  • Many of the jamb apps listed in this article work offline on mobile devices without any form of data services subscriptions
  • Many of them also have numerous features such as text to text speech technology, voice control, an intelligent personal assistant.

In the next section, we shall be looking at some of the best JAMB apps in 2022 for students to prepare for the forthcoming JAMB exam.

Top 5 JAMB CBT Practice Apps to use in 2022

Based on students’ choices and preferences, I’ve made a list of some of the 5 best JAMB CBT examination practice apps to use this year 2022. These apps may vary in their interface but still deliver the best assistance to students and help them prepare well for their exams. These apps include the following:


This app comes packaged with features like a JAMB CBT result checker and past questions from 10 subjects from JAMB. The apps imitate the same mode of JAMB CBT practice and help prepare students to prepare like they are subjected to the real exam conditions.

2. JAMB UTME CBT Practice 2021

From the Staples of Nigerian scholars, this app has an archive of over 17,000 practice questions available offline from 23 subjects with very detailed solutions to help students understand better.

Students preparing for literature are exposed to many books prescribed by jamb with over 1000 questions, best of it all is that the app is free and requires no fee to be paid to access the app.

3. JAMB CBT and WAEC Quiz 2021

The app comes loaded with thousands of JAMB, WAEC, and NECO questions to practice from. There’s also a premium package that allows students of getting the most of the app.

4. JAMB CBT Practice (2021)

I bottle service presents a very powerful CBT practice app that comes with over 17,000 from 23 subjects. This unique app comes with a full summary of key literature textbooks prescribed from JAMB, it also comes with the JAMB kind of built-in calculator and helps students to evaluate their progress after each test.

– JAMB CBT Practice Applications Hot Features

There are so many features and characteristics that the latest jamb CBT practice application has. These features are some of the reasons why it is advisable for you to make use of the latest jamb CBT practice application. Some of the features of the latest jamb CBT practice application are listed below for you to be aware of;

  • The latest jamb CBT practice application is very easy to install
  • The latest jamb CBT application works offline
  • It is an application that constitutes different subjects
  • It is also very easy to use.
  • It has a very friendly interface that assists your study
  • It is an application that is time-based.
  • The latest jamb CBT practice application is an application that works offline

The above are some of the features that the latest jamb CBT practice application posses and these features are features that you can enjoy, all you just have to do is to download the latest jamb CBT practice application then you can start enjoying the features of the application

5. JAMB CBT+ WAEC Past Questions

Owned by Myschool Limited, this app provides stud students access to thousands of JAMB past questions from past and recent years, and also past questions from SSCE exams such as WAEC, GCE, and NECO.

This app adequately prepares the user for more than just JAMB and it also contains past post questions from different universities in Nigeria to go broaden their learning and expose them to more questions to expect.

– Interesting Features of the Myschool JAMB CBT App/Software

In this article, we will be highlighting the best free JAMB CBT App, which is arguable ‘Myschool JAMB CBT App’ because it is used by most candidates and with its amazing features, offer the best to the users. It is available for download on mobile devices as an application and the software version for your personal computers.

Some of these amazing features are as follows;

  • It contains over 40,000 past questions and solutions to all necessary Examinations including JAMB and POST UTME
  • Provides the latest news and update from all schools for free
  • Activation is required. It is very cheap and once activated, can be used for life.
  • It provides access to all past questions and solutions year by year even with no internet connection. Hence you can access the questions and solutions offline as well.
  • It contains the official JAMB Calculator.

As the free Myschool JAMB CBT app adequately prepares you for Examinations, it enables you to have social and academic interaction with other users as you can ask an academic question via the app and get a reply from users, admin or institution within minutes.

It also enables you to search for any questions using keywords in any subject and get answers and explanations all made easy using the best free JAMB CBT App.

These are the apps that make it to the top 5, feel free to download them from the respective app stores of your device and get started with learning and preparing them for the O’level exams ahead.


The best JAMB apps in 2022 listed in this article can be downloaded and installed on any Android device or iPhone and they are also free to download. When you practice with any of these apps you can measure your level of preparedness.

Preparation is not just reading endlessly and aimlessly, proper preparation also involves practising with past questions, reading with the syllabus as a guide in order not to read irrelevant topics. The JAMB apps listed above have all these embedded in them to help you prepare properly and pass your examination.

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