Top 4 Best Driving Schools in Zamfara State Nigeria

For you to be a certified driver in Zamfara, you need to go to a good driving school in Zamfara State. Follow this article for the Best Driving Schools in Zamfara State.

Best Zamfara State Driving Schools Near You; Top 4 Schools

First, you need to know the reasons you should attend a driving school. There are so many valid reasons you will need a driving school but no 1 valid reason: your driver’s license. To get your driver’s license, you need a certification of attendance and completion of a driver’s training course.

Uniquely, driving school grooms you to become a responsible and safe driver. In conclusion, you need a driver’s school in Nigeria. Even if you don’t own a car yet you still need to attend a driving academy. To learn driving etiquette.

4 Best Driving Schools in Zamfara State Nigeria

Definitely, what You will get here are the 4 Best Driving Schools in Zamfara State Nigeria as a lot of people are looking for them.

1. Amazon Driving School

Address: No. 1 JB Secretariat Road, Gusau, Zamfara State.

2. Halai Driving School is One of the Best Driving Schools in Zamfara State

Location: It is located a Subuwan Kasuwa, Unguwan, Dallatu, Gusau, Zamfara State.

3. De-Law Driving School

At Sokoto Bye Pass Road, Gusau, Zamfara State.

4. Sakamu Driving School is Among the Best Driving Schools in Zamfara State

It is adjacent to the new central motor park entrance, Gusau, Zamfara State.

How Do I Apply for a Driving License in Nigeria?

To apply for your license, you can either do it online or offline. But before then, you need to attend a driving school approved by the FRSC.

Follow the steps below if you want your driver’s license.

  • First, you need to attend a driving school
  • Second, you need to take your driver’s test. This test is under the supervision of vehicle inspection officers.
  • Once you’ve passed your test, a driver’s certificate will be presented to you.

The next step is to apply for your driver’s license either online or offline.


  • Visit their website
  • Click on the DL Application. Choose New Driver’s License.
  • Enter your driving test certificate number in the box and click on Validate.
  • Complete your online application form once your number is validated.
  • Proceed to make your payments of the online application fee. After that, print out your acknowledgement slip.

After your online steps are concluded, proceed to the office to complete everything yourself.


  • You are to submit some documents. You should submit them to the BIR and VIR at DLC.

These documents include:

  1. Payment Slip
  2. Application form
  3. Learners permit
  4. Certificate from driving school
  5. Certificate of VIO test
  6. Certificate of eye test
  7. Birth certificate.
  • Next, your biometric data will be captured.
  • A temporary driver’s license will be issued to you while you want the original. This temporary license expires after 2 months.
  • Go to the BIR office to pick up your official driver’s license after 60 days of your application.

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