Top 11 Best Driving Schools in Bauchi State Nigeria

This article will expose you to the best driving schools in Bauchi State. Now, this information is important because for you to acquire a driving license here in Nigeria, you must have attended, completed and received a certificate of completion from a government-approved driving school.

Best Bauchi Driving Schools Near You; Top 11 Schools

11 Best Driving Schools in Bauchi State Nigeria

Below is a list of the best schools in Bauchi State Nigeria where you can learn how to drive and also get certification for a license. Regardless of where you live within the state, I’m sure, you’ll be able to find a school within your location

1. Government Driving School

This school is located along Km 2, Bauchi- Gombe road. Government driving school is among the best driving schools in Bauchi that you can actually enrol in. You can drop by their office and see things for yourself thereafter you can decide whether you want to continue with them or not.

2. Compusoft Driving School

In the second place, we have Compusoft, which is located opposite the Baptist church on Yandoka road in Bauchi. This driving school has met the requirements set up by FRSC.

3. Bin Adams Driving and Automobile Engineering School is One of the Best Driving Schools in Toro LGA, Bauchi State

Thirdly is Bin Adams Driving and automobile engineering school, which is situated in Tilden Fulani, Jos road, Toro LGA in Bauchi State. If you live around this area and you’re interested in learning how to drive then you should check out this driving school.

4. Premium Driving and Coaching

For people living around Reinsurance House, Ahmadu Bello Way, one of the best driving schools that you can check is the premium driving and coaching. All your driving needs will be met here.

5. Katagum Driving School

In the fifth place, we have Katagum, those living in Azare are not left out either. One of the best driving schools in Bauchi State is located at No.7 old GRA road opposite Alheri filling Station Azare. Feel free to drop by and request their services.

6. Xivo Driving School is undeniably one of the Best Driving Schools in Bauchi State

Xivo is located at No. 3 Adamu Jumba Street in Bauchi State. It is one of the best in that location, they have all it takes to meet all your driving needs. In case you live close to that location you can visit them and in due time you’ll have both experience and a license.

7. Gear One Driving School

Gear One is also an outstanding institute, actually, it’s one of the best driving schools located along Shop 70, Eagle Sino Plaza, Unity Park, Ahmadu Bello Way. If you live around this area and tour looking to learn how to drive you can contact them.

8. Misaaf Driving School is among the Best Driving Schools in Azare, Bauchi State

For people living in Azare, the best driving school in that town is the Misaaf Driving School located at the No.9 CFA shopping complex along Maiduguri road Azare.

9. Amam Driving School

Located in G.R.A Bypass Bauchi State Nigeria, Anaam driving school is also a very good place to learn how to drive.

10. Nowruz Driving Academy is also among the Best Driving Schools in Bauchi State Nigeria

Next is Nowruz, it is also another driving school that you should consider enrolling into. It is located at 14, Jamberi Belel road Bauchi State.

11. Sat- Auto Driving Centre

Finally, the last school on this list is the Sat-Auto driving centre. It’s located along Ran road opposite the Sogiji hotel. For those who live in along ran road, this is the closest institution to your area.


In conclusion, it’s important you know that all the schools mentioned above are government-approved. They have all it takes to give you the best learning experience So you need not worry about anything. With this in mind, I’m sure choosing the best would not be an issue at all.

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