7 Best Boarding Schools in Oyo State Nigeria | No. 4 is My Best

Are you a parent that wants to take your child to a school with boarding facilities in Oyo State? If Yes, you are in the right place, because in this article, we are going to show You the best boarding schools in Oyo state.

Best Oyo State Boarding Schools

And also in this article, you will see the factors we put in place when I choose this school as the best in Oyo state. These are also helpful factors that will help you know if a school is a boarding school is good or not in Oyo state and Nigeria as a whole.

Factors Put Implace to Know a Good Boarding School

Have you asked yourself “how do people know if a school is good or not” well, no problem. In this section, I am going to show the best factors that you can put in place to determine if a school is good or not.

There are so many factors put in place to determine whether a school is good. so here are those things we have to check before taking our children to any boarding school;

The Best Boarding Schools in Oyo State Below were Selected Based on their Teacher’s Qualifications; Read More

Teachers have a huge role to play in school. Yeah, They are the ones that impact the moral and educational knowledge of the students. These schools that are on my list are known for their educational impact on the lives of these students. Due to the fact that they have good, quality and experienced teachers.

Schools Vision;

Every school today has a vision but not all of that accomplish the mission of the vision. Luckily for you, the schools on my list have a good vision for the students and always accomplish

Why the Best Boarding Schools in Oyo State were Selected Based on their Helpful Extracurricular Activities

Co-curricular activities will have a huge impact on the lives of learners. Taking part in sports, music, club activities and after-school programs will provide an opportunity to build teamwork skills, bond with other students and explore various interests.

Although the schools I have on my list of best schools in Oyo state have good extracurricular activities that will help their students

Safety and Security;

Regardless of your child’s age, you should consider safety and security when choosing the best school for them. A safe and secure environment will provide students with the open space they need to explore, learn and grow.

Top 7 Best Boarding Schools in Oyo State

a parent will be wondering how can a school have all the qualities of a good school. I know that is nearly impossible. But on my list are schools that have characteristics that are close to having all characteristics.

Here are the schools that have carried the honour of being amongst the best in Oyo state due to their hard work;

1. Lifeforte International School Oyo State

This school is known for the high standard of learning she give to its student. This is school standard equipment for learning. The school is located at 1 Lifeforte Boulevard, 200116, Oyo. click to go to the school’s official website 

2. Nickdel Private School Oyo State

The provision of comprehensive and qualitative education at an affordable cost to all children, irrespective of social class, is the central core of the school. This school is located at 16 A & B, Adekunle Fajunyi Crescent, Agodi Gra, Ibadan. This is the school’s official link

3. Best Legacy International School Oyo State

This secondary school is both an organization that delivers education and the building where this takes place. Here is the school’s main address; RWFX+HV2, Awe 211271, Oyo

for you to visit the school’s website click on this link

4. Federal Government Girls College, Oyo State

Federal Government Girls College, Oyo is a Federal Government owned secondary school, run by the Federal Ministry of Education. It is a girls’ secondary school. Here is the school’s main school address; 6FV5VXM4+225 9 Owinni, Oyo. this is the school’s official site

5.  Seed of Life Group of Schools Oyo State

This school is -located at  No 7/32, Eleyele Bus stop, Eleyele, Ibadan. Here is the official Facebook site

6. Lead City International Schools Oyo State

Lead City International School Jericho, Ibadan, is a private, co-educational International school, situated in a serene environment. The school is owned by the proprietors of Lead City University. This school is located at No. 3 Mosaderin St, Jericho 200284, Ibadan. This is the school’s official site 

7. Sped international secondary school Akinmoorin Oyo State

The school’s mission is to use education as a tool for fostering the development of all Nigerian citizens to their full potential, in the promotion of a strong, democratic, egalitarian, prosperous, indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under God.

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