6 of the Best Boarding Schools in Bayelsa State Nigeria | No. 3’s Top Notch

You are on track towards giving your children the best knowledge by searching for standard boarding schools in Bayelsa state to enroll them. However, the type of school a child attends also determines the child’s knowledge and discipline level.

Best Boarding Schools Bayelsa State Nigeria; 6 Options

Parents should always make sure to choose among the best schools especially if it’s a boarding school they prefer. This is because they can’t keep watch over the child because the child stays within the school. Also, the child is only allowed to go home during holidays or in emergency cases.

6 Best Boarding Schools you can Enroll your Child in Bayelsa State

We are here with 6 good boarding schools you can pick out from and make your findings to enroll your child. The boarding schools include:

1. Command Science Secondary School Bayelsa State

This is a military school in Bayelsa state, a good boarding school that helps in grooming your child to become one of the great leaders of tomorrow. It is located at Ebedebiri, in Bayelsa state. So, consider this school if you want your child to be well disciplined.

2. Bedrock International High School

One of the best day and boarding schools is located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. And, established to provide quality child-care and education. Also, the staff is dedicated to making sure children get the positive learning experience they need in becoming the best among their peers.

3. Federal Government Girls College is among the Best Boarding Schools in Bayelsa State

A school for girls only that has experienced staff that will never cease to impact knowledge into their students. Also, the school has capable hands that can immensely contribute to the development of our Wards; physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, so it is the right choice of school for your daughter.

4. Hansal International School

Hansal International School is a world-class educational institution that combines the British, American, Nigerian, and Montessori curricula. Also, the school’s vision is to inculcate our core values, moral upliftment, and basic educational skills in our children. And, it is located in yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

5. One of the Best Boarding Schools in Bayelsa State is Federal Government College, Odi

Also, is one of the best schools in Bayelsa state that stands to promote intellectual and physical development, and social and ethical values. And, to impact the students with entrepreneurship potentials for economic empowerment for national development and integration.

6. Ayakpo Comprehensive College

Ayakpo Comprehensive College is It is a very good school with many facilities and highly educated teachers that are patient with students. Also, the school is located at Ebis Road Biogbolo, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State in Nigeria. So, give your child education by enrolling them in this Christian school.

How to Know a Good Boarding School in Bayelsa State

  • The school’s past record of students’ performances in WAEC and NECO examinations.
  • However, ensure you make enquires about if the school teachers are qualified.
  • Check if the school building is standard and all well equipped with the basic facilities for learning.


Moreover, as a parent your child the best educational system by choosing a good school with a high taste in teaching. So, do well to pick from the best boarding schools to enroll your child in Bayelsa state.

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