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If You want to migrate to Canada and are looking for jobs that pay 100 Dollar ($100) per hour in the country, You will get to know them here. There are a lot of well-paying jobs You can apply for in Canada, and some of them are also well playing.

11 Good 100 Dollar Per Hour Canada Jobs to Apply for in 2023

11 Jobs in Canada that Pay 100 Dollar Per Hour as of 2023

Below what You are going to get are 11 of the best 100 Dollar Per Hour Jobs in Canada to Apply for Now in 2022. You should know that You need to meet the companies’ requirements before you can apply for the job.

1. Operations Assistant Manager

Now in this job, You will have to support the store manager and also manage the company guidelines. Also, You have to lead associates to ensure friendly, helpful service and drive profitable sales.

2. Underwater Welder

This job is very technical and as the name implies, You do deep-water construction like pipe replacement and pipe repair. You can actually make about $900 to $1200 a day. But it requires a lot of experience.

3. Anesthesiologist is One of the 100 Dollar Per Hour Jobs in Canada to Apply for

You can work in and earn about $100 in Canada as an Anesthesiologist. An Anesthesiologist administers anaesthetics, the drugs that knock out a patient during surgery or other medical operation. According to the labour department, the mean hourly wage is $101.80.

4. Commercial Pilot

According to PayScale, the top 10 per cent of commercial pilots earn an average of $120 per hour. So, You can earn about a hundred dollars in Canada per hour if you are a commercial pilot. However, the job opportunities are high but competitive.

5. Tattoo Artist

You can also apply as a tattoo artist in candida as you can earn about $100 per hour while doing this Job. Most of these jobs do not need education requirements. So, You do not need any educational degree before you can apply as a tattoo artist.

6. Arbitrator is Among the Best $100 Per Hour Jobs in Canada to Apply for

Now, arbitrators are legal professionals who help settle disputes outside of court. They tend to be business professionals or attorneys with special expertise. An arbitrator estimated income is about $130.

7. Orthodontist

You can also apply as an orthodontist in Canada and earn about $100 per hour. An Orthodontist is someone who makes money by straightening up teeth. You should know that becoming an Orthodontist requires about two to three years of specialized education beyond dental school.

8. Among the Jobs Listed Here Freelance Photographers to Me are the Ones with High Chances of Earning 100 Dollar Per Hour in Canada

Commercial Photographer tends to make about $100 dollar in Canada. If You are looking for jobs to apply for in Canada, You can apply as a freelance photographer.

9. Interior Designer

An Interior Designer is another well-paying job that You can apply for in Canada. An interior designer earns about $100 per hour according to PayScale. However, some companies require a bachelor’s degree before you can apply for the job.

10. Life Coach

A very good profession and a well-paying job that You can apply for in Canada is Life Coach. This job is designed to help people. However, before you can apply for this, You need to be social and also learn to understand people.

11. Massage Therapist is the Last on the List of 100 Dollar Per Hour Jobs to Apply for in Canada Given Here

Lastly, Massage therapists can make about $100 per hour. However, a massage therapist has to graduate from a 500-hour training program through a massage school in order to be certified.

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