Yale Young Global Scholars Program 2021 for Secondary School Students | APPLY NOW

This post will be informing the general public and all interested candidates that the Yale Young Global Scholars Program 2021 is now open for application. Yale University is offering an international academic and leadership program through the Yale Young Global Scholars program.

Yale Young Global Scholars Program 2021 for Secondary School Students | APPLY NOW

About the 2021 Yale Young Global Scholars Program

The next generation of leaders is being empowered by the Yale Young Global Scholars program by building a global community and designing interdisciplinary programs that promote intellectual curiosity, deepen understanding, and also inspire creative action across all borders.

The program is an academic enrichment that is aimed at the high school (secondary school) students all over the world. Students from over 130 countries with inclusion to all 50 U.S states participate in one interdisciplinary, two-week session at Yale historic campus each summer. Yale University is built on the tenets of liberal arts and is popular for its diverse and inclusive community with a commitment to increasing education access.

Eligibility Criteria

Yale University expects individuals who are applying for the Global Scholars Program to meet certain eligibility criteria in order for them to be considered. Written below are the eligibility requirements:

  • The applicants must be at least 16 years of age by July 19 2021 which is the first day of Session III.
  • The applicants are required to have the ability to participate in a rigorous academic curriculum conducted in English Language.
  • The applicants are required to be a current high school sophomore or junior (or international equivalent).
  • By May/June 2022 or 2023, the applicant is expected to be graduating if he/she is from the Northern Hemisphere while by Nov./Dec. 2021 or 2022 applicants from Sothern Hemisphere are expected to be graduating.
  • The applicant must be a first-time participant in YYGS. Candidates who have previously participated in any YYGS session during a previous summer (e.g., 2020, 2019), are nit eligible to apply for YYGS 2021.

Note: Candidates who previously applied to YYGS but were denied admission or were unable to attend and still meet the eligibility requirements stated above are encouraged to re-apply for YYGS 2021.

So that YYGS is in compliance with legal restrictions for running a summer program for minors is the reason why this rule has been made and no exceptions can be made.

Applications are accepted from all countries and YYGS offers opportunities for students to apply for need-based financial aid to students from all countries.

How to Apply

Students who wish to apply for the Young Global Scholars program should take note of the following:

  • Make sure the YYGS eligibility criteria is properly reviewed.
  • Make sure that the YYGS application required components is also properly reviewed. Click here to see the application required components.
  • A PDF of a sample blank application is to be reviewed, afterwards, candidates are to start preparing to answer as many application questions as possible.
  • Candidates should make sure that he/she submits contact information for a parent/guardian, teacher, and/or official at his/her school.

To begin the application, click this link

Application Deadline

The application closes 10th November 2020 at 11:59pm ET

Visit the official webpage via this link for more information


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