Xbox Exclusive PC Quiz Games – List of the Ones Available and Coming Soon

Xbox Exclusive PC Quiz Games – Complete Available and Coming Soon List

There are a ton of exclusive Xbox quiz games that you can play on a PC, and you can all extract them from this article. The quiz games are available here, along with anything else related to this genre of game, if you want to play on both a console and a computer.

Xbox Exclusive Quiz PC Games Available & Coming Soon

What are Quiz Games?

A player or group of players participates in quiz games, a type of mental sport, where they answer a question accurately regarding a specified range of topics. These questions could be general knowledge or trivia. With the help of this game, learning can be enjoyable.

List of Xbox Exclusive Quiz Games Available to Play On Console

Here, we give you access to a comprehensive list of quiz games that are accessible only on Xbox, which you can play on any of their gaming consoles.

  1. Around the World
  2. Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz
  3. Scene It? Box Office Smash
  4. Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action
  5. Wits & Wagers

Are there any Xbox Exclusive Quiz Games Coming to The Console

Unfortunately, there are currently no quiz games for Xbox that are planned for release on their consoles. You might be wondering how we know. Well, we know because every time Xbox wants to release a video game, they announce it at least six months in advance before the release of the game.

Xbox Exclusive Quiz Games Available and Coming to PC

Unfortunately, from the five (5) games listed above, none of them are available to play on any PC device. Xbox has not made a lot of effort in the PC department of this genre of game, in fact, they haven’t made any single effort.

Furthermore, none of the above-mentioned quiz games will be arriving on PC any time soon, and no brand-new quiz games have been revealed to be heading to PC as well. Ao, there are no Xbox trivia games available for PC users.

Alternative Quiz Games that You can Play on PC

We don’t want to just leave you guys in a lurch after learning that there are no Xbox-exclusive quiz video games for PC gamers. On your PC, you can choose from the following selection of alternative quiz video games.

  1. 4 Pics 1 Word
  2. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
  3. AnotherQuizzGame
  4. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
  5. Askutron Quiz Show
  6. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
  7. Buzz!: The Mega Quiz
  8. Cinemoji: Oscar
  9. Drawful 2
  10. Encore Jeopardy! Deluxe Deluxe
  11. Fibbage XL
  12. Halifax Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, PC, PC, Party, E (Jeder)
  13. Hasbro Yahtzee
  14. It’s Quiz Time
  15. Knowledge is Power
  16. Logo Quiz
  17. Majotori
  19. Mind Quiz
  20. Papa’s Quiz
  21. Quiz – Offline Games
  22. QuizUp
  23. The Dead Sea Scrolls Adventure
  24. The Jackbox Party Pack
  25. The Jackbox Party Pack 2
  26. The Jackbox Party Pack 4
  27. The Jackbox Party Pack 7
  28. The Sims
  29. The Weakest Link
  30. Trivia Crack
  31. Trivia Crack Adventure
  32. Trivia Tricks
  33. Trivial Pursuit: CD-ROM Edition
  34. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
  35. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire – 2nd Edition (PC CD)
  36. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: 2nd Edition
  37. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Sports Edition
  38. You Don’t Know Jack
  39. You Don’t Know Jack Television
  40. YOU DON’T KNOW JACK Vol. 2
  41. YOU DON’T KNOW JACK Vol. 4 The Ride


With all these quiz games at your disposal, you may play them with your family or friends while challenging each other with inquiries and facts to discover who knows the most, gaining some knowledge from the experience as well. If you’re a teacher, you can play some of these games in your classroom with your students as well.

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