Cyber Shadow X360ce Settings for Any PC Gamepad Controller | TESTED & WORKING

There are a lot of games available for PC but one of the best you would find is Cyber Shadow as it has a lot of features. You would need the X360ce Settings for Cyber Shadow to set your gamepad controller to play the game. This is because a player needs a gamepad controller to play most PC games.

Cyber Shadow X360ce Settings for Any PC Gamepad Controller | TESTED & WORKING

For one who is just hearing of the game Cyber Shadow, you should know that the game is an interesting game that you would want to check out. This content will tell you facts you need to know about the game Cyber Shadow. The complete steps on how to download the game and the X360ce Settings for Cyber Shadow.

Facts You Need to Know About Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow is a side-scrolling platform game, its developers are Aarne Hunziker, Mechanical Head Studios. The games designer is Aarne Hunziker while its publisher is Yacht Club Games. Cyber Shadow is a game available for Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Macintosh operating System and Nintendo Switch.

In the game, the player and his or her robotic companion will have to stop Dr Progen after the world have been destroyed and taken over. The game follows an interesting storyline with an amazing adventure.

The system requirements for Cyber Shadow include a 32-bit processor, 1 GB RAM memory and 250 MB storage. With these requirements, it would be better that the player PC have up to 2 GB RAM memory and 500 MB available space for better performance.

How to Download Cyber Shadow

For those who don’t have Cyber Shadow and would like to download the game, they can get it from the Steam Store. Follow the steps below to download the game

  • Connect your PC to an internet connection
  • Open the web browser on your PC
  • Search for Steam Store from the space provided
  • Sign up for an account if you don’t have an account with them or log in to your account with your account details
  • Search for Cyber Shadow
  • Click add to cart
  • Make the payment for the game
  • Once you are done with the payment, the game will be added to your library,
  • Cyber Shadow will be available for download at your library

How to Download X360ce Software

You will have to download the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator first before you can carry out any settings. It is very easy to follow the steps below to carry out this process

  • Open your PC web browser
  • Visit
  • Select the 32 bit or 64 bit when the site opens
  • Click the download icon, this is to enable you to start downloading the emulator

X360ce Settings for Cyber Shadow

With the steps below you can carry out the X360ce Settings for Cyber Shadow without going through any steps. This is because the settings are easy and you do not need any special skill. Check the list below to carry out the settings

  • Connect the USB gamepad controller to your PC to begin the settings
  • Open the emulator you downloaded
  • Click the create icon when it appears along the dialogue box create a Xinput 1_3.dll
  • Click “Search automatically for settings”
  • Click the “Auto” icon to fill up the controller to carry out the settings
  • Carry out the settings
  • Double-check if all the settings are well in order and when doing that look at the display at the screen
  • Using the controller option, arrange them if they don’t fit properly
  • Click “Save”
  • Close it and copy the X360ce file along with the other dll file created to the “file location” of Cyber Shadow

These are the steps for the X360ce Settings for Cyber Shadow and you can apply them any other PC game as they are all the same. From here you can open the game and start exploring the features of Cyber Shadow using your gamepad controller.