X360ce Settings for All PC Gamepad Controllers that Works on Many Games | TESTED & WORKING

The purpose of this article is to provide details about the default X360ce setting for all pc games. When looking for a way to set your pc to accept any external pc gamepad, then you don’t need to worry about that all you have to do is to download the X360ce app on your pc with this app you can easier access your pc to the external pad.

X360ce Settings for All PC Gamepad Controllers that Works on Many Games | TESTED & WORKING

What You Need to Know About the X360ce Software & its Settings for PC Games

Xbox 360 Controller emulator is an app that is designed specifically to help your pc get access to another external USB gamepad. Also once you have successfully used the app to set your pad, there will be no need to open the app while playing the game because the game doesn’t necessarily need it.

The app also requires window XP and also another new Windows version. It can also be useful while playing multiplayer mode in various games. Also, you can arrange your pad setting using the X360ce app.

How to Download Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (X360ce)

To download you just have to follow these steps that will be listed below

  • First of all, open your web browser
  • Search for x360ce
  • There you will see various download options “ download for all games”, “download for the 32-bit game” “ download for the 64-bit game”
  • The next thing to do is to download one of your choices.

You can also download by just clicking this link to get access to the site.

X360ce Default Settings for all PC Games that Might Work

Once you are done downloading the app there is a certain setting that will be needed to run the app and. First of all, you will need to follow the process I will be listed below to set the X360ce controller.

  • The number one step is to connect your controller.
  • You will need to open the Xbox 360 controller emulator app you downloaded.
  • Create a Xinput1-3.dll and when the create icon appears click it.
  • After that, all you have to do is choose “ search automatically for settings” and insert next
  • Once it’s done with searching you just have to click finish
  • To fill up the controller option click “Auto” and then set the controller to make it ready for configuration.
  • To check if everything fits perfectly click the icon on the controller after which look at the preview that is being displayed you.
  • You can also reconfigure it using the controller option at the sides of the page if it didn’t fit in perfectly.
  • Click save once you are done with the setting.

These are the major setting but to further your settings there is will be certain requirements to make some new Xinput through with the original created Xinput1-3.dll. These are what to be needed

  • Xinput1-3.dll
  • Xinput1-4.dll
  • Xinput1-1.dll
  • Xinput1-2.dll
  • Xinput9-1-2.dll

In order to create them, copy the original Xinput1-3.dll file to your desktop, to each of the Xinput above rename the file after which you can copy and paste each of them to the folder you set the X360ce with the other .dll file created.

With these, you can set your pc is ready to accept other external pc gamepads.

List of PC Games and Their Respective X360ce Settings


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