Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures Doctoral 2023

This informs the public about The Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures (WESAF) Doctoral Scholarship Programme 2023 for Young Africans. Details about the Program are given below.

Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures Doctoral 2023

About Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures Doctoral 2023

The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and the University of Edinburgh (UoE) inaugurated the Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures (WESAF) Doctoral Programme, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program .

A global initiative that enables learning and leadership development for talented young people, primarily young Africans, who face the highest barriers to accessing higher education.

The WESAF doctoral programme aims to build sustainable development-focussed, interdisciplinary research capacity in partner higher education institutions in Africa.

Program Details

Wits and the UoE share a long-standing and productive partnership. Bound by common values, the universities are committed to developing knowledge collaboratively that will shape dignified, equitable and sustainable futures for people across the world.


To ensure a smooth application experience we recommend you consider the following when completing the WESAF application form: 

  1. Save the form regularly: while the form can be saved and returned to at a later date, it does not auto-save, so please ensure you are regularly saving your application content. 
  1. Use a laptop/desktop if possible: while the application form is accessible by a smartphone, it is easier to complete the application on a laptop. If you complete it by phone, please ensure you hit ‘submit’ once you have completed the application in full. Saving it alone does not constitute submission. 
  1. Submission is final: once you have submitted your application it is no longer possible to edit it again.  
  1. Scholarship application before University application: if the WESAF Scholarship is the only scholarship you are interested to apply for at the University of Edinburgh, please apply for the scholarship only. DO NOT apply directly via the UoE Admissions until invited to do so. 
  2. For further information, including a preview of the narrative questions in the application form


The recruitment phase of the programme was initiated through a hybrid information sharing session held in April. Representatives from Wits, the UoE and several partner African institutions engaged around the unique opportunities for innovation and sustainability that WESAF offers to early career scholars.

The session featured contributions from Professors Ruksana Osman and James Smith who together committed to leveraging the WESAF model to build advanced research capacity in African universities that will enable them to grapple with the complex, continental challenges to sustainable development on its own terms.

Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures Doctoral 2023 Application

Successful applicants who will form the first WESAF cohort are scheduled to gather in person for a week of structured orientation as part of the official commencement of the programme in Johannesburg in September 2023.

For those interested in Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures Doctoral 2023, open this link to start the application process.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 14 June 2023.

Open this link for more details about the Wits-Edinburgh Sustainable African Futures Doctoral 2023.

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