Reasons Why Your Conversations Disappear on Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is still a fairly new feature and it is still prone to some bugs and other problems. But, It has come to our notice that so many users have been complaining of conversations disappearing on Facebook dating. I have done some research so I will show you Reasons Why Your Conversations Disappear on Facebook Dating.

Why Your Conversations Disappear on Facebook Dating

The Dating service is one of the most used features in the Facebook application because so many people are single.

Facebook Dating; How to Access it

Before we go ahead to talk about all the reasons that cause Facebook dating conversations to disappear let’s putting talk about a few things.  one of those things is how Facebook dating is assessed.

So many people are still new to this app and yet do not know how to access Facebook dating. Let me quickly show you a two-step process on how to access Facebook dating;

  • On the bottom right corner of your Facebook application tap on the three-line which is the menu button.
  • Scroll down and tap on see more, and tap on the heart icon which is dating.

For those using Facebook web all you need to do is search for Facebook dating on Google and then we’ll have the link. All you need to do now is to click on that link sign in to your Facebook account and it will be taken directly to dating.

The only problem is that if you do not find the heart icon or if you use the link it says Facebook dating is not available means you cant use it.  this means that Facebook is not yet available for your region and you have to wait.

How to Set Up Your Profile

Once you have access to Facebook dating the next thing is to set up your Facebook dating profile. So properly take the time to fill out all the necessary Facebook dating profile information to get all the best matches.

Facebook will keep showing your potential matches of people who meet the criteria you filled. Also, Facebook dating might show you people who are friends of friends on Facebook.

Facebook Dating can also show you who’s my friend on Instagram if your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook dating profile.

Reasons Why Your Conversations Disappear on Facebook Dating

Now, this is where you will get the possible reasons why Why Your Conversations Disappear on Your Facebook Dating Android or iOS App Account. There have been so many reports of conversations disappearing on Facebook dating.

We have looked into it and found out some of the reasons and their Solutions that cause this problem. All the reasons that are known to us are listed below:

  • When you are still using an outdated Facebook application you are prone to experiencing this problem.
  • If you have your notifications blocked on the Facebook application it can also cause conversations to disappear.
  • Your internet connection may also be an issue if you have a poor one.
  • Facebook dating might just be down hence your messages disappear.
  • FB matches to expire after 18 days is no conversation.
  • If you have deleted the profile of the person you are matched with then all the conversations will also disappear.

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