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You need to get five(5) credits in some subjects for you to get admitted into the University. If you don’t get up to this in WAEC/NECO/NABTEB, it basically means you failed. This is because you have to resit those exams. In other words,  you fail WAEC or NECO not only when you get F9 or E8 in Mathematics, English Language or any of your core subjects. You still wonder why students fail WAEC and NECO, well this article will enlighten you on things regarding the failure issue.

Top 10 Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC and NECO

It’s no doubt people be it a parent or teachers ask “why students fail WAEC and NECO in Nigeria”. You could fail any exam for so many reasons. The least reason being that you are not smart enough! If you have ever failed an exam or you desperately don’t want to fail WAEC or NECO or any other O’Level Exam, the tips in this article are for you!

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Top 10 Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC or NECO

1. Laziness

This is by far your greatest enemy as a student. Also, it’s the reason why most people fail WAEC/NECO or other exams. There are so many things laziness would make you do as a student and I’d quickly outline them:

2. Dependence On Expo

A lot of students depend on expo during WAEC or NECO. Little do they know that this could make them FAIL.

Expo (otherwise known as exhibits) are contraband pieces of information documented on paper or other materials used to aid the student during an examination illegally.

Expo is used by so many students today.

As a student, if you depend on expo to pass WAEC/NECO or any other exam, you tend not to read at all.

You could easily end up failing in a situation where you are disappointed or the solutions in the expo are wrong.

3. Reading “Casually”/ Bad Study Habits

It is no news that either so many students do not know how to read effectively or they are too lazy to do so.

So many students read school books like “storybooks“.

Students fail when they don’t take their time to read for exams, WAEC & NECO inclusive.

4. Studying Without Past Questions

 Studying for an exam without past questions is like going to an unknown destination without a map

Past questions give you a sense of direction when studying for WAEC/NECO.

If you use past questions rightly, you can’t fail WAEC because the questions are hardly new. In other words, even if the questions aren’t exactly repeated, they follow the same formats

5. Studying Without the Syllabus

The Syllabus is the Official list of where the questions would come from.

You can hardly read the whole syllabus in SSS3 so it’s good to start piece by piece from SSS1.

If you study using the syllabus to study correctly, failing would be far from you.

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6. Having Poor Results From SSS1 TO SSS3

WAEC/NECO demand for your comprehensive result from your school.

Although some schools forge the results they send to these bodies.

If your school sends your original result and your grades have been very poor since SSS1, it would affect you negatively and you could fail the exam.

7. Dodging Classes and Tutorial

Most times,  what you write in exams is not 100% of what you read during classes.

You remember 70% of what you hear!

When you attend classes and tutorials from good teachers,  it contributes greatly to your performance.

8. If You Attend A Douche-bag School, You Might Fail!

Some schools teach students in a substandard environment with substandard teachers.

9. Answering Questions The Wrong Way

This is no doubt one the core reasons why students fail to score high in exams, and the only way to avoid this is to study well and practise past questions.

10. Bad Revising Habits in the Exam Hall

The whole point about this particular issue is that students fail to cross-check what they write in their question papers before submitting. Yes, it’s highly advisable that students should go over what they write before submitting to correct mistakes that could lead to failure.

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