7 of the Best Clear Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB | No. 6 is a Must Avoid

It is a good thing you are here reading this article “Why students fail JAMB“. I am really glad and I put it to you that, reading this post will make you smile in this year JAMB examination.

7 of the Best Clear Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB | No. 6 is a Must Avoid

This great article on “why students fail JAMB” was carefully and sequentially put up to assist the jamb candidates to attain a huge success.

Facts You Need to Know About Why Students Fail JAMB

Jamb 2021 has come and gone. It started like this present jamb. Many candidates registered last year and more would register this year. It is not a job, caricature or that am happy that some jamb candidates failed jamb last year awfully and some tried.

There is no doubt some passed with high grade and are admitted, running their admission processes in the university of their choice.

Well, I put it to you that “everyone can not be in the same boat” if we all are in the same boat, we may all sink and progress of the society would be stopped. I sincerely believe some people moves while some readdresses their former actions in order to move as well.

If you are looking forward to scoring high in jamb then you must consider this reasons listed here. Kindly go through this post and work on yourself for a better you.

Progress is the key to development, One who has failed to progress has failed to develop and one who has failed to develop has failed to progress.

7 Untold Reasons Why Students fail JAMB.

1. You have low motivation to read books

– Do you find reading books boring?

If yes, then that is one reason why you may fail jamb.

Reading books should no longer be seen as a motivation but as a system. When you read books based on motivation then you may not reach your desires. This is because motivation is like an oil that keeps one or an object moving.

– Let’s consider an instance of motivation

A student who decides to go to the university because his father was pestering him to.

He entered the university because he wanted to make his father happy. He was doing so fine and his father was really encouraged and that made his father so proud and happy. Few months after his third year first semester examination in the university, he got an information about his father’s death.

The death of his father weighed him down and he was unable to carry on the motivation of going to school. He later withdrew from school life.

Now, why did this happen?

I think it happened because his motivator is no more.

– What/who is your motivator?

Your motivator could be anything. It could be phone, television, human being, an object, nature. It is normal if you have any of this afore mentioned as your motivator, but the real truth is working along with the system and not on motivation.

Reading is not an habit, but a lifestyle

It is when you see studying in this aspect that you will understand that it is something that can take you far and also can make you avert failing jamb.

2. Inability to study for a long period of time

– Do you find it hard to study for a longer hours?

– Is studying hours for my exams the best way to study?

These are questions most students asks especially those writing the exam for the second time.

The truth is that studying for hours doesn’t give you the pass key or gate fee to passing your exam.

What studying for long hours does is to help you avoid unnecessary activities around you.

What’s the need to study for longer hours.

The need for you to study for long hours are;

a. It reduces the hours you spend on your mobile phone.

People tend to use the net nowadays than there books. Today’s world prefer to do things with their phones then with books. Saving contacts is now on phone, daily schedule is now on phone, the year’s plan is now on phone. Everything you can think of is now being done with smart phone.

b. Reduces time spent on social media

Social media could be so tempting and refusing what we see on social media could be very hard.

I sometimes imagine what could have become of me if I had used all the time I have spent on social media since my primary 2 class till my secondary school level to study books!.

Wow, I don’t know what I would have become, but I am pretty sure they would have be a better me.

c. Reduces laziness.

When you spend lot of time reading books, you may find out that the hours you usually spend in sleeping and other irrelevant things are essentially important.

d. Lazy persons don’t read books. They see it as a boring thing

Learn to read books today and you would certainly see a different you.

Mind you, the best rate of time to study is just 1-2 hours and give yourself a short break of 20mims-30mins after every study period.

This provided rate is better than studying for 4hrs without recalling a thing of what you’ve read.

3. Know Your Memory Style.

As lucky Dube always say “different colours one people” he is not wrong to be, but we are not the same and we can’t be the same.

You are different from me and I am different from you. We are not equal

Your memory and that of your brother are not the same. They are different and they work differently.

So, you have to understand how your memory works.

Understanding your memory will make you know how long you should study, what kind of environment you study stay when studying.

These are the questions you should ask yourself in order to understand yourself and how your memory works.

4. Having Inadequate Materials Needed for the Exam

You don’t want to fail and you are not ready to provide yourself with the correct materials needed for the exam.

A warrior doesn’t go to war unarmed least his head to cut off by an unknown sword

The very moment you fail to get the adequate materials needed for the exam is the same time you have started plotting your own downfall. I don’t want you to fail jamb that’s why I am taking my time to let you know something that may cause you to fail jamb exam.

You may be asking what kind of material do I need for jamb?

You need this material as it will help you a lot with your use of English.

  • Sweet sixteen a book was written by a great man, Bolaji Abdullahi.

The novel centres on school life and mistakes young people make while in school. You need to read and other this novel.

Where can you get this novel?

Jamb has made this book to be given to any person who registered for jamb 2021, but the most important thing is that one registers in a recognized jamb centre, a centre approved by jamb.

How much do I need to pay for this book?

You have to buy jamb form from banks selling it.

Banks that sell jamb form are;

  • Ecobank
  • Union bank
  • Guaranty trust bank PLC etc

You will pay #3,500 in any of the bank listed above and have your form given to you of which you will take to a jamb CBT centre for further registrations. You will pay #700 to the centre and you will be qualified to register for jamb of which you will be registered and given a novel.

Is it only the novel that I need to pass jamb?

No, you need other text and textbooks you can get hold of.

Past questions. You need jamb past questions like never.. When you have all these materials and you reading them in order to pass jamb then your chances of passing JAMB will drastically be increased.

5. Wrong Subject Combinations.

Having the wrong jamb subject combination could cost you gaining admission. Passing the exam and not gaining admission is almost the same as failing the exam totally.

So, there is need to consult properly and make some researches to be sure of your course jamb combination in your desired institution before registering ur jamb.


Some who wants to study literature in the university forgot to add literature in your jamb examination. She eventually passed, but do you think she will be admitted to the university?

6. Having False Hope on Expo.

Not doubt students of nowadays no longer value being studious. They prefer the quick, the easy, and smooth way to make their success.

What then happens when they hope on making it without working for it.

Success are worked towards. They don’t just happen.

You have to work, work and work to meet up with your success rate.

Do you want to fail jamb?

Then you must do away with the mind of using expo. It is very hard to see a real jamb expo runs. Most people claim to involve in jamb runs of which they can never be.

Avoid paying #5,000 for nothing. You can use the 5,000naira to buy enough milk and drink as you read on or don’t you like milk?

7. Not Using JAMB Syllabus and Setting Low Scores as Your Target

I think this is the last point on why students fail JAMB. This last reason has two sentences and I presume the explanation for this is going to be a little bit longer than the others, but we shall try to limit the length.

7a. Do you study with jamb syllabus?

Not studying with jamb syllabus can make you go out of the field or may make you unfocused when and where you ought to be concentrated or focused.

Studying with jamb syllabus allows and enables you to know what jamb wants you to know. There is a saying that says “jamb no dey ask outside the syllabus. Why you fail jamb abi you no use syllabus ni”

Whenever we say this, there is usually a buddy named Micheal. Micheal is a funny and intelligent type who hails from ikwo, abakilili, Ebonyi state. Michael would scream “o boy na jamb oo. Whether you read or not if them wan knack you them go knack you like three or five times sef”

Yeah, I know those who are prepared for an exam may as well fail the exam, but following the pattern of the exam and how they want you to do it/systems will reduce stress and some certain focused area which we do not suppose to focus.

So, getting jamb syllabus 2021 as a jambite isn’t a bad idea, but a very good one.

7b. Setting a low score as your target

I believe “you are what you are”. No one has the right to change or compile you to change how you think, how you view this, your opinion on something or your thought on a thing. You are right but in your own world.

Setting a low score as your target in jamb may cost you a lot of regrets. I am equally happy I jumped that regret through the help of the Almighty God because of when I wanted to write jamb in 2018, that was jamb 2018. I looked at the cut off mark for a course known as “sociology“.

One who ask why study “Sociology“?

The real truth is that I find joy in sociology which is the study of various institutions, human behaviour and their society at large using scientific method in the course of study.

Then I set a low score for myself. I predicted 250 – 300. Meanwhile, some of my niggies were setting up 350 – 400 as their score.

Well, I later bounced at 248 in jamb and that reduced my chances of some certain thing.

So, it is very good to set high score as your target because when you predict 400, you may fall at 300 – 350, but when you predict a low score like 200 you might finally land or get a score between 110 – 150.

At this junction, I would love to rest my fingers as it has been busy for a while now. I want to appreciate you for taking the time to read this article on why students fail JAMB, I wish you success.

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