When to Click Submit in JAMB CBT Exam this Year 2022

In this article, I’ll be sharing a very important piece with us, especially for fresh JAMB candidates, to help them know what to do in the exam Hall and when to click submit in the JAMB CBT exam.

When to Click Submit in Your 2022 JAMB CBT Exam

As the season of the JAMB exam approaches, it’s about time for candidates to start preparing and getting familiar with the necessary information required for the exam.

It’s not uncommon for students to feel a bit uncomfortable when preparing for a computer-based exam, especially when such student(s) haven’t armed themselves with good practice of a computer-based test before the exam.

The truth is that you don’t need to be a computer guru to sit down for a computer-based test. With just a few illustrations from an instructor, you should be good to go, so there’s really no need to fret over anything at all.

The most important thing is to know what you’re doing and ask questions if you’re not clear about anything on your computer screen, it wouldn’t be so wise to assume you can go about something you’re not clear about on the screen all by yourself.

When to click Submit in 2022 JAMB CBT Exam

Students get confused and don’t really know when to click submit in their JAMB CBT exam, here, I will be highlighting what you need to know. In this guide, I will be highlighting the necessary things to look out for in the examination hall.

So, I enjoin our readers to read to the end to grasp every bit of information at their disposal, which I’ll be sharing with us in the next section.

What to Look out for in the JAMB Exam Hall

Now, there are a few things you need to understand to help you get settled mentally for your JAMB Exam, some of these things, I’ll share below with you.

  1. Ensure you fill in the necessary details in the fields allocated for them, so this means you should commit your JAMB registration to memory, at the call of the invigilator, enter your registration number and click on the “ Next “ option where you’ll then see the instructions for the exam before you begin.
    • Always feel free to call the attention of the invigilator if you’re not clear about anything.
  2. Do well to read these instructions to the letter, the importance of this cannot be overemphasized in any exam conducted.
  3. Manage your time, do not spend so much time attempting a question, it wouldn’t be a smart thing to do, the JAMB exam comprises 60 questions from the Use Of English, and 40 questions, feel free to start with the course that boosts your confidence the most.
    • But make sure you try to attempt all questions, so you could always come back to tackle other difficult questions with whatever time you have left after answering all the other questions.
  4. You may want to learn the keyboard shortcuts or it’ll help you be faster in the exam. These shortcuts are eight in number and they are A, B, C, D, P, N, S, and R. Buttons A, B, C, D are to choose between the options A to D for a particular question. Buttons P, N, S, and R indicates previous, Next, submit and return

Note that after completing the exam, and you press the S button to submit, a confirmation box will pop up asking to you confirm if you really want to end the exam, at this point, you still have the option of going back to continue your exam.

But once you confirm that you want to end the exam by clicking” end exam “ on the screen or by pressing the s button again, your exam will close and you’ll not be able to continue your exam again.

All that is left is to wait patiently for the release of the exam. On this note, I wish all candidates the best of success as they’ll all be needing it in their forthcoming exam.