What is the Difference Between Google Duo and Google Hangouts? CHECK NOW

Google have a lot of features like Duo and Hangout and all of them have their own categories. People are often confused about the Duo and Hangouts and sometimes take them for the same features. “What is the Difference Between Duo and Hangouts” is one question that people often ask.

These two apps were made for the purpose of chatting so you would need to know about them before considering the difference. This content will tell you what you need to know about Duo and Hangouts. It will furthermore provide the Difference Between Duo and Hangouts.

What You Need to Know About Google Duo

The Google Duo is a video and voice calling application and it is available for iOS and Android operating system. Apart from this, the Duo can be accessed through the chrome web browser and can be used to make a high-quality video calling service.

Duo is also provides private messages that are they are end to end encrypted. Conversion between callers cannot be known by anyone and that show enough privacy. Google Duo was also launched in the year 2016. The Google Duo application is free and all you just need is a Gmail account to start using it. The screen of the Google Duo is split into two is one for the caller and also the receiver.

What You Need to Know About Google Hangout

Google Hangout is also a communication app but this one allows users to send and receive messages. One can also receive photos from this application and it also offers video calls. Its application was launch by google in 2013 and there is also room for group calls in this app. One can get access to Google Hangout through Gmail.

What is the Difference Between Duo and Hangouts

What is the Difference Between Duo and Hangouts? It is not difficult to figure out because of both application features. The table below would contain the Difference Between Duo and Hangouts




1. The GOOGLE DUO was launch in the year 2016 GOOGLE HANGOUT was launch in 2016
2. This application only offers video and voice call It offers video and voice call and also messaging
3. 12 people can be involved in a call GOOGLE HANGOUT only allows two people to make calls
4. This application is used mainly for video calls GOOGLE HANGOUT is used mainly for messaging and photo sharing.
5. GOOGLE DUO is an original feature of Google It is an original feature of Google+
6. It is not integrated into Google+ Messenger and Google Talks It is integrated by these two applications
7. Duo can be accessed by the Chrome web browser Hangout can be accessed by Gmail
8. It provides full control of call making It does not provide full control of call making

These are the difference between google Duo and Hangouts so you should note them to avoid confusion. But each application is meant for chatting and are available for both android device and iOS device. Also, to start using any of the application, you just need to download them, sign up and verify your phone number.



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