What is the Best Engineering Course to Study in Nigeria

The world is changing every day, and we have engineers all over the world to thank for that today because they are the ones that are strongly behind the knowledge and development of any developed country. Engineering as a whole is very broad and diverse with so many disciplines under this tech mother, which is why it’s easy to subject these disciplines into arguments by people wanting to know which engineering course is most marketable. In light of this, today’s article will be talking more about engineering courses in Nigerian universities and for people wanting to know the best engineering course in Nigeria.

What is the Best Engineering Course to Study in Nigeria

Engineering is a critical part of our country, even though we’re still developing, it’s almost impossible to see a full-fledged university without the faculty of Engineering. This is because it’s importance in our day to day lives could never be overemphasized. Practically every aspect of our daily lives has a degree of engineering to it. Yes, from the means of transportation, communication, our various places of work, at home, relaxation and all.

What is the Best Engineering Course in Nigeria

There’s practically an engineering approach to almost every problem around us, and all of these problems cannot be solved by only one discipline of engineering; while an electrical/ electronics engineer may find solutions to problem relating to the electrical design in a project, he may have little or no knowledge in the construction department of that same project, so for those of us wanting to know what is the best engineering course in Nigeria, well, let’s look at it from the academic point of view.

Engineering Relationships in Nigerian Universities

What is the Best Engineering Course in Nigeria? No doubt, students ask this question most times when they want to apply for an engineering course or advise someone who wants to apply for one. Well, before I give my verdict on that, let me tell you that No Engineering course is superior to the other. You heard that right, and I’ll prove this to you based on our  Nigerian universities operate in their various engineering faculties.

As a student who just gained admission into the university to study mechanical engineering, you’ll realize that during your five-year program, you will be taking courses from other engineering departments like civil engineering, electrical engineering, production engineering, computer engineering and so on, the same way all these other engineering departments will also take courses from mechanical engineering during the course of their 5-year program. So as you can see, it’s almost impossible for one discipline in engineering to survive without the others.

So, let’s take a practical example now, the federal government of our country embarks on a project to build a bridge. The civil engineering department will be called upon to design the load-bearing structures of the bridge, what the bridge can accommodate comfortably without having to collapse. The mechanical engineering department on the other hand, will be more concerned about the building, designing and construction of mechanical machinery and components relating to the bridge, while an electrical engineer will be important in the aspect of lighting, grounding and designing of sensors around the bridge, with so many other departments having one or two things to contribute to the construction of the bridge.

What Makes You an Engineer

In essence, what I’m trying to say is that, as an engineer, your knowledge in other disciplines of engineering will also be tested to an extent, this is what makes you an engineer- to solve problems within your environment regardless of what course you studied in the university. But of all engineering courses, based on the students that apply every year, we find out some are more competitive in terms of gaining admission that others.

Most Competitive Engineering Courses to Study in Nigerian universities

Why I used the word ‘ competitive’ is that these departments tend to have higher cut off marks because of the population of students gunning for these courses, some of these departments include

  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

The competition has nothing to do with their relative importance as all engineering fields find application in various walks of life.


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