What is a University’s 2.2 Degree in GPA in Nigeria? FIND OUT NOW

Are you asking questions like “What is a 2.2 Degree in GPA In Nigeria?” If Yes, then this article was just made specially to answer that question. A 2.2 degree or a second class lower degree is a GPA (Grade Point Average) that is used in higher institutions in Nigeria, this average is a total of all the courses taken in a semester. In most Nigerian university the 2.2-degree GPA is always from 2.5 – 3.5 GPA, if a grade point above this is gotten they are classified as either 2.1 or first class.

What is a University's 2.2 Degree in GPA in Nigeria? FIND OUT NOW

The Nigerian grading system is classified into five categories which are the first-class students which GPA are from 5.0 – 4.5, second class upper students which are 4.49 – 3.5, second class lower students which are from 3.49 – 2.40, then third class students from 2.39 – 1.5, then 1.49 – 1.0 are the pass grades. Students below the 1.0 GPA are on probation and can be removed from the university without any improvements.

What is a 2.2 Degree in GPA In Nigeria? Check Below

A second class lower degree or a 2.2 degree in GPA format Is part of the grading system used worldwide and Nigeria inclusive, this GPA means that when the Total cumulative of a semester or a session at the university was totalled, it was below the 3.5-grade mark which makes it a 2.1 and it was above the 2.49-grade mark which makes it a third class.

When determining a second class lower degree students have to know for sure that they can still get good jobs with this degree in Nigeria, but definitely other students with higher GPA would stand at an advantage over them at the end.

Using the 5.0 grading point for the country the credit units of a course is multiplied by the grade thereby ranking every subject over 15, so if a student gets an A it would be 15 points. If the student then gets all A he would immediately be given a 5.0 GPA which is first class but for 2.2 if a student gets all C which means their ranking for that course would be 6 when totalled they would be at a 3.0 GPA which is a 2.2 degree.

so basically a 2.2 degree in Nigeria are mostly gotten by the average students in school while a first-class degree is gotten by the best students in the school likewise how to pass is gotten by the lowest students in school.

How to Calculate What is a 2.2 Degree in GPA in Nigeria

Calculating the GPA is very easy, the easiest way to get the GPA is to divide the total weighted points against the total credit units. For instance, if a student gets an A in a three-unit course, an A is equivalent to 5 points and it’s multiples by the units which makes it 15 points to get the GPA of that course we have to divide the 15 points by 3 units which give us a 5.0 GPA.

So to get a 2.2 degree in Nigeria the student has to have been the averaging majority of C grade in their school work which gives them a 3.0 Gpa at the end of their stay in school which is a 2.2 or a second class lower degree.