What are the Courses for Art Students to Study in Nigerian Universities

In our secondary school days, we know we have three major departments where all students fit in by choice of what they want to study in the tertiary institution, these departments include Science, Commercial and Arts departments. Each of these 3 major departments, or categories, if I may, help pave the way for students guiding them in the kind of foundational subjects they need to do well in their course of study in the tertiary institution. With that being said, if you’ve been wondering or asking what are the courses for art students? I enjoin you to read this article to end because I’ve made a list of the best art courses in Nigeria.

What are the Courses for Art Students to Study in Nigerian UniversitiesWhat are the Courses for Art Students to Study in Nigerian Universities

What are the Courses for Art Students

While some people are of the opinion that the brightest students go to science and commercial departments, that’s just a fallacy and nothing more, Arts as department and Faculty provides some of the most competitive and marketable courses in the labor market today, and as more people gradually get this exposure, the people that go for Arts and Arts related courses tend to keep increasing by the number every year.

So, sit back and relax if you belong to the category of people asking what are the courses for art students, just read a little further and you’ll be convinced that you’re right on track.

Best Art Courses to Study in Nigerian Universities

So, here we are now if you choose to go for Arts in the three years of your senior secondary education, it’s only sensible to go for an Arts related course of choice when choosing a course of study in your JAMB form, and for those that have read to this point, you’ve shown interest in knowing the best courses, based on their marketability in the labor market. The list below shows some of these courses that Art students can study in the tertiary institution :

  1. Law
  2. Mass communication
  3. Linguistics
  4. Theatre Arts
  5. Political Science
  6. English
  7. Creative and Visual Arts
  8. Music
  9. Psychology
  10. Chinese

There are up to a hundred art courses to study in various tertiary institutions across the country, but these courses mentioned above are surely one of the most recognized in all institutions.

Take Law, for example, this course is no doubt one of the most productive course in Africa,  having a degree in law equip with you the potential of job opportunities such as becoming a legal adviser to firms, companies and private limited liability companies, the good thing is that you don’t need to sit down on a desk from 9 am to 5 pm because most of these art courses are the kind that moves you from place to place, meeting more people and gaining more experience in your field.

Bit there’s a catch, as I mentioned earlier, these courses mentioned above are quite competitive, so if you’re thinking of going for one of these courses, you may want to up your game academically, commit more time to study and have very good grades in your SSCE, JAMB and post JAMB exams to enable you to get admitted on merit.


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