13 Ways to Earn Real Money Playing Facebook Games This Year

Are you looking for ways to earn real money from playing Facebook games this year? Why not! Unarguably, earning cash from Gaming is one of the most fun and exciting ways to make money. 

Facebook Game Earn Real Money while Playing; 13 Ways

Earning from Facebook Gaming can be easier than you might think, but it requires gaming skills, consistency, and game knowledge. Let’s get down to the listing of the multiple ways you can earn real money playing a Facebook game.

1. Creating Content for YouTube is the Best Way to Use Facebook Games to Earn Real Money

To begin with, Creating YouTube content for games has been widely known as one of the most effective ways to earn money from Facebook games. Also, Due to the daily increase in content creators, this could prove not easy. 

However difficult it may prove to be, here are a few tips that can help your page grow faster.

  • Firstly, Create content around difficult Facebook game stages.
  • Only spend some of your time on a particular game. Instead, spend time on games the audience is requesting.
  • Get the right equipment for your channel.
  • Make your videos very entertaining and engaging.

2. Joining Online Gaming Competitions

Joining online game competitions or tournaments to earn real money is one of the most effective ways to make money by playing Facebook games. Every game now has online competitions players can join to compete for prices in 2023.

 Some more popular games have better structure and higher competition than regular games, which is normal. So, choosing a suitable Facebook game to play for participating in online contests is crucial.

3. Streaming Your Gameplay

Streaming your gameplay can be an excellent way to make real money playing Facebook games. So, If you’re entertaining and skilled enough, you can make a bank from this. You can live stream on Twitch, YouTube Live, Kick, TikTok Live, and Facebook Live. If done right, these platforms can help you earn much money.

4. Join Gaming Communities

You can join a gaming community with a massive following for your favourite Facebook game, which is normal. However, this method will make you money if you have dedicated much time to the community and have become known for your gaming skills.

Meanwhile, You can charge people in these communities to help them get past difficult stages or redirect them to your YouTube channel if you have one.

5. Selling Facebook Game Merchandise can help You Earn Real Money

Now, this is an effective way to earn real money from playing Facebook games, But this will only work if you’re a known skilled player, an active member of that particular game community, or a good marketer.

6. Open Your Game Community

Opening your game community where members pay a small fee to join could be an excellent way to earn real money. But this would work out if you have gathered an enormous following or include side attractions to your group, like Weekly competitions with prizes, giveaways and more.

7. Becoming a Game Tester can help you Earn Real Money from Facebook Game

Firstly, a game tester plays video games, tests their features, and identifies glitches and bugs before the game is released. Becoming a game tester is a more technical way to earn real money playing Facebook games than the other ways on this list.

Furthermore, to become a game tester, you have to;

  • Upgrade your gaming skills always.
  • Become familiar with top gaming studios.
  • Learn the primary responsibilities of a game tester.
  • I played a game from start to finish, detecting bugs and recommending improvements to developers.

8. Writing Blog Posts about Facebook Games can Earn You Real Money

You are writing a blog post about a particular Facebook game, talking about the pros and cons of the game. Also, listing out difficult stages and giving insights on how to get past them, writing tips and hidden gems on the game are all excellent ways to attract fans of this Facebook game to your blog post, which can help you earn real money.

9. Betting Against Friends

Other people might deem this immoral. But trust me, it is one of the most fun ways to make real money playing Facebook games. What could be better banter material than beating your friend in a game you both like and also collecting money from them for your time? It sounds incredible.

10. Writing Game Guides

Game guides contain strategies, hints, instructions and solutions to a particular Facebook game. Also, If you’re confident enough in your knowledge about a Facebook game, you should write a game guide, as it is one of the best ways to make real money.

11. Starting a Facebook Game Podcast

Starting a gaming podcast is like building a community of listeners. You can share opinions reviews, and talk about different stages of a game. You also can look to Invite other gamers to share their point of view to make it more interesting.

Podcasts can help you earn real money through subscriptions and sponsorships. As well as running Ads on your podcast.

12. Making Games for Facebook

Creating your own Facebook game is one of the best ways to earn real money from a Facebook game. Furthermore, To make your game on Facebook, you need to;

  • Create your app on Facebook developers
  • Open Gdevelop and export for Facebook Instant
  • Upload your game file
  • Try your game on Facebook
  • Use instant games features and publish your games.

For more details on how to create your game on Facebook, Click Here.

13. Fixing Bugs for Facebook Games is an Effective Way to Earn Real Money

If you’re a game developer looking for ways to make money from Facebook games, this is for you, i.e., you will need coding skills for this. You check for complaints in reviews and test out games to find bugs in this game, contact the game developer with a solution and get paid for your work. To clarify, you will need coding skills for this.

It’s possible to earn money on Facebook by developing games. For Game developers who want to learn how to monetize their games on Facebook, click here.


In conclusion, all methods listed here are effective ways to make real money from Facebook games. Primarily, all modes of earning money from Facebook games in this article require consistency, skill and sometimes interaction skills. Likewise, some of the methods listed can be technical. You have to find the right one that works for you.

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