15 Good Movies to Watch on Showmax this March 2024

This article contains 15 Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this 2024 March. Showmax has it in store for you this March; you just have to be able to navigate the streaming platform well. If you have no idea what movies to see because of the hundreds of movies on the platform, this post is for you.

Watch Good Showmax March Movies this 2024; 15 Options

Whether you are looking for hot romance, adventure, crime thriller, drama or comedy, Showmax has them all. Check out the list of movies you can watch this March.

Adventure Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this March

If you are a fan of thrilling adventure, then you should not sleep on any of the movies listed below;

A new weapon that could cause world destruction has been created and it falls to Ethan Hunt and his expert team to track it down before it falls into the wrong hands.

The movie stars Archie Madekwe, and Neill Blomkamp directs it. Follow the story of an avid gamer as his dreams to become a car racer come true.

The story follows an astronaut encountering a catastrophic clash on a mysterious and unknown planet. Soon, he discovers that he is not alone.

The story follows Dom and his family as they fight off a threat from their past. The son of their terrifying opponent is back for revenge.

On the verge of a storm, a pilot saves his passengers by landing on a war-torn island. This action endangers them all as it puts all of them in the path of dangerous rebels.

Romance Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this March

Check out these thrilling and romantic movies you can watch this March for fun.

The story follows a man and his ex-wife who try to sabotage their daughter’s marriage. They travel to Bali, Indonesia, to stop her marriage to a seaweed farmer. The bickering duo soon find themselves rekindling old feelings while trying to sabotage their daughter’s wedding.

Kat Valdez finds out her partner is cheating on her before her live show and decides to marry a member of her audience.

Carey and Simon are a perfect couple, and they are expecting a baby. They try to kick off their swearing habit before the child arrives.

The story tells of a young couple’s relationship that clashes with the harsh realities of the California Gold Rush of 1850. It is the first time Angel experiences love for the first time, and she is facing demons that seem insurmountable.

Soon, she runs away from a life she feels she doesn’t deserve. When her love sets to find her, she realizes that she can choose the life that she wants.

The movie tells the story of a high-level lawyer known only as the Counsellor as he gets in over his head when he enters the violent world of drug trafficking.

Comedy Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this March

Check these movies out;

Two best friends and aspiring club promoters, Damon and Kevin are barely holding things together. When things start to fall apart, with very little to lose, they decide to throw the party of the year at an exclusive mansion owned by NBA superstar Lebron James.

Bernard’s life unravels before him just in time for Christmas. One day, he dusts off an antique jewellery box that contains a trapped genie, Flora, who might be able to help him.

The story follows four best friends who live life to the fullest, and they take a trip to see their hero, Tom Brady, perform in the 2017 Super Bowl.

A desperate woman is on the verge of losing her childhood home and decides to date a wealthy couple’s nineteen-year-old son. However, he proves to be more difficult than she thought, and she is on the verge of losing it.

The movie continues the story of the teenage boy, Billy, as he transforms into a man alongside his foster siblings. Part two focuses on how they save lives and drift apart in their personal lives.


Watching these movies will be so much better with a loved one around. Endeavour to make March an exciting month with these movies.

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