15 Good Movies on Showmax to Watch this 2024 February

Many movie lovers are looking for good movies, but determining a good film is hard for some people. To simplify this process, here is the list of 15 good movies on showmax to watch this 2024 February. The films on this list are rated based on the following categories: action movies, thrillers, horror movies, crime movies and comedy movies.

Watch Good Showmax February Movies this 2024; 15 Options

3 Action Movies to Watch on Showmax this February

Fast X

Fast X is the continuation of the old Fast and Furious series.

The main action starts by dropping a giant rolling bomb in Rome and aiming it at the Vatican. Fast X attempted to return to its roots by giving audiences a more story-focused adventure. Overall reactions will depend on the level of fandom but can be rated 8 /10.


The suspense and fear make the movie the second choice on the list. The recreation of a wild, dangerous world full of dinosaurs and threads of death and struggle for survival makes this action movie a perfect choice for those who love suspense. This movie’s rating is 8 / 10 because production values are pretty good.

Black Lotus: Watch Good Showmax February Movies

If you enjoy action movies, you may want The Black Lotus. The film offers some entertaining action scenes that are exciting and intense. In addition, if you enjoy violent action movies that shun subtlety but pack a lot of punch, I recommend Black Lotus. The overall rating for Black Lotus is 7 / 10.

Thrillers Movies

The Black Demon

The Black Demon is a thriller movie that goes well with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of soda. It isn’t just another commercial film focused solely on delivering thrills; it is a must-watch for thriller movie lovers. The overall rating is 8 / 10.

The One: Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies

The One movie was captivating from the beginning to the end. The storytelling was excellent. It is one of the top thriller movies in a long time, and the overall rating is a 7 / 10. Watch Good Showmax February Movies.


From the storytelling to the cast selection, including Jean-François Richet, Gerard Butler, and Daniella Pineda, the movie ranks among the most thrilling films on this list. With a positive review and good cinematography, the rating is 8 / 10.

Horror Movies


Renfield is an American horror movie that is not advisable to watch alone at night because it may leave some imaginary scenes in your head, but it’s best for horror movie lovers. The overall rating is 8 / 10

Knock at the Cabin: Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies

Knock at the Cabin made this list because it’s probably one of the best horror films; the cast and the cinematography are excellent. The overall rating is 8 / 10. Watch Good Showmax February Movies

Private Property is a controversial but excellent movie that was carefully crafted, from the storytelling to the cinematography. This makes it an ideal choice for this list. The overall rating is 7/10.

Crime Movies on Showmax Movies to Watch this February

The Island

The Island is a crime movie full of action from the beginning to the end, grabbing the audience’s attention, with a great cast like Jackson Rathbone, Michael Jai White and Gillian White. The overall rating for the movie is 9 / 10

As Good as Dead

This is a supersonic action movie mixed with fun, starring legendary actor Michael Jai White. The overall rating is 8 / 10.

The Get Back: Watch Good Showmax February Movies

The Get Back movie is a hot, spicy crime movie with an entertaining story. The overall rating is 8 / 10.

Good Comedy Movies to Watch this February on Showmax 

House Party

It is a comedy movie full of laughter and funny characters with a positive review from the audience. The overall rating is 8 / 10 


Gringa is a hilarious comedy movie that focuses on a teenage girl who flees to Mexico in search of her father. The overall rating is 7 / 10


This is a cute comedy movie about selflessness and the importance of family. As some words are for adults, parental guidance is advice. The overall rating is 7 / 10.


All the movies on this list are carefully selected based on the following genres: action,
thrillers, horror, crime and comedy. Your choice may also differ based on your interests. Feel free to rate the movie you find exciting and give your opinion in the comment section.


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