15 Good Movies to Watch on Plex this March 2024

March can be so much fun, especially with your PLEX subscription. If you have no idea what to stream on the platform, this article will help you. This post contains 15 Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this 2024 March.

Watch Good Plex March Movies this 2024; 15 Options

PLEX is available on almost all devices, which means you can stream a movie from the comfort of your home or on the go. There are lots of movies and series on PLEX, which might make it difficult for you to choose from. This article has categories and good movie picks for you.

Romance Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this March

If you are a budding romance and love fan, you should check out the movies in the category for quality movie time.

The story follows a nurse who fights for a chance at love with a new doctor and a promotion to free herself from the misery her supervisor creates. She learns to stand up for herself as her supervisor tries every chance to derail her happiness.

Noelle adopts a puppy for Christmas, and her life changes when her boyfriend leaves her. However, she soon finds love when a co-worker invites her to spend Christmas together.

Tyler and Ally meet themselves under strange circumstances. Ally is good for Tyler because she eases his trauma. Soon, Tyler discovers her secret, creating a divide between them.

A teenage boy named Minnesota vies for Brooke’s attention while he tries to find his place within the junior lifeguard of Hermosa Beach, led by an authoritative captain.

The story follows Brett, a television show host, and Tash, his girlfriend, a laid-back science journalist. They despair at the knowledge that they will never truly understand each other, which affects their relationship. Tash declares under a full moon on their first anniversary that she wishes they could swap lives.

The following day, they woke up terrified that her wish had come true. Now, they must confront the unfamiliar sensations of their new bodies as they navigate strange new experiences with friends and co-workers.

Action Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this March

What is having a movie break without seeing a good action movie? This section provides different nerve-racking action plots from which you can choose.

The story follows Tommy, an ex-marine who returns home and convinces his father to train him for a mixed martial arts tournament. However, not only is the prize money at stake, but his relationship with his brother is also at stake as he will be fighting against him.

A professional thief named McCauley hopes to pull off one last heist before retirement. His plans are, however, on the verge of thwarting as he is under constant surveillance of a police detective, Hanna.

The rulers of the Mayan kingdom capture a young man. They sacrifice him to their gods, but he plans to escape death.

The story follows two brothers on a mission to kill the mafia gang members. An FBI agent chases them but soon realizes that the brothers are on their way to do the right thing.

John learns about a time capsule containing cryptic messages about the coming apocalypse that mentions the set dates of the disasters. He sets out to stop the horrific events from happening.

Sci-Fi Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this March

If you are a fan of futuristic movies and the related sciences, grab a popcorn and check out this list.

The plot is set in the city of the future, and wealthy industrialists reign from their ivory towers while the workers toil away. One of the leaders decides to enlist a mad scientist, which could ruin the city.

From the Han River in Seoul, an unidentified monster emerges and kills hundreds while carrying off Hyun-seo. Her family resolves to save her when they find out she is being held captive.

A retiring professor reveals to his colleagues that he is thousands of years old. Out of doubt, they decide to ask him questions regarding their respective fields to see if he is telling the truth.

Series: Good Movies on PLEX to Watch this March

If you are a fan of episodes and long plot-twisting, then you should see some of the excellent series that PLEX has in store.

A viral pandemic has occurred in the States, and it has wiped out over 80% of the world’s population. It is left for the crew of the US Navy missile destroyer to find a cure and end the global pandemic.

The story follows Vic Mackey and his three aides, Shane, Curtis and Ronnie. They work for the Strike Team but use illegal methods to maintain law and order while secretly engaging in undercover dealings.


Want to have a fun experience in March? Then, use your PLEX subscription to check out these movies.


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