15 Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2024 February

This month, do not let your Disney Plus subscription go to waste. If you find it hard to browse through the app for a movie, then this article has good movies you can relax and watch. This piece contains 15 Good Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2024 February.

Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies this 2024; 15 Options

February is the month of love and romance, but Disney Plus has much more in store for you. This month, you can get action, thrillers, and adventure movies on your Disney channel or app. Check out this list;

The Marvels

Although it wasn’t in the cinema for long, the scenes were captivating and epic. If you have not seen it, February is a good time to wander into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Director: Taika Watiti, Jon Favreau, Anthony Russo as well as Alan Taylor

Genre: Action

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch is a set of elite clone troopers who journey to tackle several audacious mercenary missions across the galaxy after the Clone Wars.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Iwaju: Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies

The movie tells the story of Tola and her best friend, Kole. The former is a young girl from a wealthy Island, while the latter is a self-taught tech expert. Together, they discover the secrets and dangers hidden in their different worlds.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Genius: MLK/X Season 4

Follow the episodes of this series as they offer an intimate look into the complex lives of the character’s husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. Engage in the drama as the humanity of the different characters is portrayed.

Genre: Drama, Documentary

Marvel’s Marvel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are enjoying their moments as superheroes. Soon, her heroism intertwines with her personal life, and she wonders if her identity secret is worth taking a toll on her family.

Genre: Thriller

Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends: Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies

Follow the journey of team Spidey as he returns for a third season to save the day with their incredible new web-spinner suits, which allow them to explore new and exciting places.

Genre: Thriller

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

The movie is set before the High Republic era and tells of Jedi Younglings as they study the ways of the force, explore the galaxy, and help citizens and creatures learn the skills needed to become Jedi.

Genre: Adventure, Thriller

Toy Story

Woody is Andy’s favourite toy, and he becomes worried when Andy receives a new toy as his birthday gift. He is concerned that Buzz Lighter will take his place and thus hatches a plan to eliminate him.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

The Princess Bride: Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies

Buttercup is a princess madly in love with a farm boy named Westley. Unfortunately, events start to unfold when Westley sets out to look for a job and gets attacked by a pirate.

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Black Panther

This is a good time to rewatch Black Panther. The story follows T’Challa, who returns home to Wakanda after his father’s death to inherit his throne. The action unfolds when a powerful enemy related to the family begins to attack the nation.

Genre: Action, Sci-fi


Loki steals the Tesseract and afterwards comes in contact with a mysterious organization. He is given an ominous ultimatum to fix the timeline or cease to exist.

Genre: Action

Cars on the Road: Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies

The adventure series follows Lightning McQueen and his best friend, Mater, heading east from Radiator’s Springs on a Cross-country road to meet with Mater’s sister.

Genre: Adventure

Inside Pixar

If you are a fan of documentaries, you should not miss this one. It tells personal and cinematic stories that provide an inside look at the people, artistry, and culture of Pixar animation studios.

Genre; Documentary

The Jungle Book: Watch Good Disney Plus February Movies

A boy is brought up in the jungle by a pack of wolves. Soon, a tiger threatens to kill him, but a panther and a beer protect him.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Even if you have seen Far From Home, you should see it again. It is still available on the Disney Plus streaming service, and you can have quality time.


This February, do not just work and hustle. Do well to have a fun time and relax with any of these movies. Also, you can check on IMDb for any more updates for these movies before you stream them.

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