WAEC Offline WASSCE Registration Software Download & Installation Guidelines

To enable schools that have PC but are not on the internet connections, WAEC (West African Examination Council) have released the WAEC Offline Registration Software to enable them to enrol students with ease but to this, they will need to download and install the software and probably working in line with Business centres.

WAEC Offline Registration Software Download & Installation Guidelines

The main reason why WAEC introduce the software is to enable schools to enrol candidates for the examination without stress. This content will provide adequate details on the complete installation of the WAEC Registration Software, provides the system requirement to install the software and also tell you what you will need to know about the WAEC Registration software.

What You Need to Know About the WAEC Offline Registration Software

This was package was created for schools that have PC but no internet and the software is offline to use and the schools using this software might be assisted by business centres with digital camera or scanners and computers.

The passport photographs and registration details can be registered using this and can be saved on a FLASH RAM and be uploaded to the WAEC branch office in charge of the state. There will be certain system requirement to use the WAEC Offline Registration and they include

  • Window 7 or higher version
  • Digital Camera or Flatbed Scanner
  • A system with a high-speed processor and it should be more than 150GB Hard Disk, 2GB RAM, USB Port
  • DVD-CD Writer or Flash RAM

Complete Steps on How to Install WAEC 

To download the WAEC Offline Registration Software there will be certain steps needed and to do that follow the steps below

Step A: Direct Online Installation (Recommended)

Before this software can be installed with this option, it will require internet access and you are being prompted to install the Updates because updates are automatically detected. To install the software, follow the given instruction:

If you download the software by clicking the following links below the software’s names please note for it to work properly follow the order properly

1. Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5.2


2. Crystal Reports Basic Runtime for Visual Studio 2008


3. Microsoft ReportViewer 2010 SP1 Redistributable


4. Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks 10.0


5. Biometric Prerequisite

32-bit installation” or “64-bit installation

6. Click on launch to launch the WAEC Offline Registration software if the above component is already installed on your system
7. DigitalPersona U.are.U RTE

32bit or 64bit

Step B: Fresh Installation (First Time on a PC)

  • Mount the CD-ROM given to your schools but do not use the CD for the previous year, it should be the one given at the commencement of the registration for WASSE (For School Candidates) for the present year as there are new features added
  • On the insertion of the CD is it will auto-run the setup, otherwise, browse for the “exe” in “OfflineSetup” folder on the CD
  • You can change the destination folder for the offline registration to the desired location on your PC
  • Everyone the prompting of the installation to install the program for every user of the PC if you desire select
  • To continue the installation, click next
  • Click Close to exit at the end of the installation
  • Double click the “WAEC WASSCE for School Candidates Offline Registration” icon created by the installation on your desktop to launch the application.

The user name will be principal, while the password will be school after the installation and launching of the software. With the process schools that have PC but no internet access can install the WAEC Offline Registration Software with ease and note each school will be given a CD-ROM that contains the offline registration program and other WAEC Online registration information.


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