WAEC WASSCE & GCE Examination Script Remarking Application Fees & Guidelines

Not all candidates are satisfied with the grades in their result and WAEC (West African Examination Council) have provided a way where candidates who are not satisfied with their grades in WAEC can apply for their answer scripts can be remarked. Candidates who also would like to apply for this scheme would also want to know the WAEC Examination Script Remarking Application Fees & Guidelines.

WAEC WASSCE & GCE Examination Script Remarking Application Fees & Guidelines

This is to help candidates who wrote the WAEC examination and are not comfortable with their grade to apply for remarking of Scripts. To carry out the procedure there will be a certain amount charged, this content will provide all you need to know about WAEC examination scripts remarking including the application fees and guidelines.

What You Need to Know About WAEC Examination Script Remarking

The WAEC Examination Script Remarking was meant for candidates who didn’t like certain grades on their WEAC result. This is was established considering the huge amount of complaint students makes after seeing the grades on their WAEC results. There will also be certain fees charged to anyone who wishes to carry out this scheme.

There is also a deadline to request a remark that is to say there is a time limit to request for a remark. Also, WAEC also has the right to approve or reject the examination script remarking complaint. To apply for this remarking there are also certain guidelines to followed and without such guidelines, the request might not be approved.

This is not available for students who sat for the examination and the result are still withheld by the examination body and WAEC senior Deputy registrar is the body responsible for collecting all the exam Script Remarking request.

WAEC Examination Script Remarking Application Fees & Guidelines

Candidates who would like to apply for WAEC scripts remarking would want to know WAEC Examination Script Remarking Application Fees & Guidelines. Also, the major reason for applying for a remarking is because the candidates are not comfortable with the result grades. The candidate will have to follow the steps below

  • For candidates who enrolled in the examination as private candidates, they are expected to lodge complaints at the nearest WAEC office in the exam where the examination was conducted. School candidates are to make the complaints at the school head where they wrote the examination.
  • For both School candidates and Private candidates who sat for the WAEC examination, a fee of N10,00 is to be deposited before the complaint are lodge and the fee is non-refundable.
  • The complaints are meant to be received 60 days after the result for the examination is released and this is applicable to all candidates including school candidates and private candidates.

Note that if the result is accepted remarking will be done and if the fault was from the examination body apologies will be made by the body and the non-refundable N10,000 will be given back and also WAEC also have the right to reject some request depending on reasons known to them. With this, candidates who are not comfortable with the certain grades on their result can apply for a remarking using the guidelines given above.