Full List of Vocational Enterprise Institutions in Ondo State Nigeria

Technical Institutions in Nigeria was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to act as an alternative route to universities in Nigeria. This was done because it might not be possible for universities to accommodate all the growing numbers of school leavers. Some of the technical institutions are Vocational Enterprise Institutions. School leavers always asked if there are Vocational Enterprise Institutions in Ondo State.

Full List of Vocational Enterprise Institutions in Ondo State Nigeria

One organ of the Federal Ministry of Education that supervised all the technical institution in the cou8ntry is known as NBTE. This article will bring the List of Vocational Enterprise Institutions in Ondo State. But before bringing that it will tell you what you need to know about Vocational Enterprise Institutions and about NBTE.

What You Need to Know About Vocational Enterprise Institutions

Vocational Enterprise Institutions are some of those institutions that help act as an alternative route to universities in the country. One objective of establishing these institutions is to give candidates skill that can be useful in the economic sector. Vocational Enterprise Institutions is meant to assist school leaver who didn’t reach the admission requirement for universities.

Students who don’t have the resources to attend universities can also choose to apply for any of the Vocational Enterprise Institutions. Skills learnt by candidates in these school include Fashion designing, welding and fabrication, automotive repairs and many others.

If compared to universities and polytechnics, the admission requirements for Vocational Enterprise Institutions are low. The JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) examination is not compulsory.

School leavers who would like to attend these school are expected to have at least five credits in WAEC (West African Examination Council). The NECO (National Examination Council) result is also accepted by any of the Vocational Enterprise Institutions in the country. Mathematics and English Language are must be among the subjects in WAEC and NECO.

The age required by most Vocational Enterprise Institutions is eighteen, that means applicants must be up to eighteen years before applying for any of these school. Vocational Enterprise Institutions have helped reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria. They have also helped reduce the illiteracy rate and provide enough manpower that will work in the various economic sectors in Nigeria.

What You Need to Know About NBTE

NBTE is responsible for accrediting, supervising and regulating all the technical institutions in Nigeria. One form of the institutions under the supervision of NBTE is Vocational Enterprise Institution. The full meaning of NBTE is “National Board for Technical Education” and it was established in 1977 by the federal government of Nigeria.

The headquarter of NBTE is in Kaduna state and its vision is to be a world-class regulatory body for the promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Nigeria. One of the objectives of NBTE is to expand facilities for education aimed at equalizing individual access to education throughout the country.

What You Need to Know About Ondo State

Ondo State was created from the formal Western State on the 3rd February 1976 and it is in the southwestern part of Nigeria. The capital of Ondo State is Akure and the State have eighteen local government areas. Seven universities are in Ondo State and they are one federal, three state and three private universities.

Ondo State borders Kogi State to the northeast, Osun State to the northwest, Ekiti State to the north, Edo State to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Delta State to the southwest. The most common language spoken in the state is the Yoruba language.

List of Vocational Enterprise Institutions in Ondo State

Among the study centres in that state, there are currently no NBTE accredited Vocational Enterprise Institutions in Ondo State. School leavers can also find these institutions in another state in the country or attend any higher institutions in the state.


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