Visit Korea Year 2023-2024 (Win a Fully-funded Trip)

This informs the public about the Visit Korea Year 2023-2024. Details about the Program are given below.

Visit Korea Year 2023-2024

Program Details

Whether it’s a meaningful encounter, cherished moments with wonderful friends, or if memories of Korea stir emotions within you, please share your story with us.

In celebration of “Visit Korea Year 2023-2024”, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism along with the Korea Tourism Organization are offering a trip to Korea for those deeply connected to the country.


  • One day compulsory tour & three days personalized tour package
  • Round trip tickets to Korea and travel expenses
    (4 nights accommodation, travel insurance, etc.)
  • Mandatory joint tour (May 21, 1 day)
  • Personalized tour package (3 days)
  • One additional person can be supported, provided they are related to the story, or are a minor, elderly or have disabilities
    (Availability to be further notified)
※ Schedule subject to change


Non-Korean nationals residing outside of Korea
(Korean citizens and residents are ineligible)

Individuals with special connections to Korea

Available from May 20 – May 24, 2024 for a trip to Korea
(Check for passport validity, entry restrictions, etc., before applying)

※ Both self-applications and recommendations are accepted

How to Apply

For those interested in the Visit Korea Year 2023-2024. Open this link to start the application process.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 19 April 2024.

Open this link for more details about Visit Korea Year 2023-2024.

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