Viki on Fire TV Activation Code at

Viki Fire TV Activation Code at

Get the activation code for your fire tv to prevent you from always putting in your amazon account details before using on it.  This will permanently link your account on your fire tv, without stressing yourself logging in all the time. Check below to learn more on how to link your fire tv to your amazon account. Fire TV Activation Code at

Where Do I Enter the Viki code for Fire TV Activation?

Getting the activation code for linking your Viki app to your fire tv must be done on your mobile device or your laptop. That is, the activation code cannot be put on the app, you will need to visit the website on a mobile device or a computer to input the activation code. following the steps above on how to do that.

Requirement for Viki Activation Code on Fire TV

Before you proceed to the activation, make sure that you have all the things needed. Below is the list of all that you need for the Fire TV Activation Code

  • Get the Fire TV device and television
  • Make sure you have the latest Viki app installed on your fire tv
  • Ensure you have a Viki account (you need an email address)
  • Get a second device (mobile phone or computer)

Do I Need to Pay for a Viki Pass to Access the Activation Code?

The activation code can be accessed by both premium and free users. It does not require one to make any payment, all you will need is just to have an account on

Do I Need to Pay for Viki Rakuten?

However, Viki allows users to stream movies on their site for free without making any payment. Although it also has the premium feature (called Viki pass) where users make a payment of $4.99 per month. This gives premium users non-ads in streaming, HD movies, and more exclusive movies, unlike the free ones where they are limited. So yes, you can decide to pay for the Viki pass or just watch the access movies for free on

How to Get an Activation Code for Viki App on My Firestick TV?

You may still activate your Viki account after activating your fire tv account to your amazon account. Doing this will also make it less stressful for you, that is you wouldn’t have to login into your Viki account on your fire tv manually. Check out the steps on how to add to your fire tv.

NOTE, before anything makes sure you have the Viki app installed and have your fire tv remote.

  1. Make sure your tv has an internet connection
  2. Go to your TV’s home screen
  3. And enter the Viki app
  4. Once you are in, log in your account details,
  5. You will see an “activation code”, so write it down somewhere
  6. Go to any web browser on your mobile device or computer
  7. Put in your login details to sign in
  8. Tap on the “continue button”
  9. Type in the activation code that was displayed on your tv screen.

How to Add Activation Code on My Fire TV

Here is how to can link your fire tv to your amazon account and never log in again. Below are the steps on how to do that;

  1. Connect your tv to an internet connection/WIFI
  2. And make sure to switch to the correct HDMI cable (fire Tv)
  3. Sign in to your amazon account
  4. Get a mobile device or a computer
  5. Make sure to sign in to your amazon account
  6. Then, go to
  7. You will see a code on your tv,
  8. then lastly, type in the code on your device (phone or computer)

Viki Fire TV Activation Code Not working

If you are having issues trying to activate your Viki on the fire tv. Here are some things you should check to solve the problem;

  • Ensure your fire tv device supports OS 6 onwards
  • Check if your Viki app is an old version and update it
  • Make sure your TV has a stable internet connection/WIFI
  • Try deleting the app and reinstalling it back on your Fire tv.


To conclude, it is advisable to get your Viki app activation code and also the same to your fire tv so you wouldn’t have to log in manually every time. Also, for a better experience the Viki pass better, it removes the stress of seeing ads while you are streaming a movie

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