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Watch amazing valentine’s day movies on Netflix and have a great time with family and friends. Valentine’s day would soon arrive and to prepare for a wonderful time with your lover, friends and family you will need movies.

Watch Netflix Valentines's Day Movies; 15 Options

To make the day more poetic and super fun, this article has brought to your attention amazing movies to watch on Netflix for valentines Day

15 Amazing Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2024

Ahead, we have compiled a list of some Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix to Watch that will make Your day more fun.

1. Crazy, Stupid, Love

This movie would be perfect to watch with your friends, with the main cast being Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. You are going to be in for a ride. The movie follows their romantic shenanigans and has an amazing ending.

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This movie is an old one, so you might not have watched it. The movie follows Benjamin, who made a bet with his co-workers that he would be able to get a girl to fall in love with him, while on the other hand, Andie, a writer, has to write an article on how to lose a man in ten days.

3. Love Hard Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix to Watch This Year

This is a great romantic comedy, and you are going to love it. The movie follows a young lady who is a writer in L. A learns after meeting her perfect match in a dating app that she has been catfished when she went to surprise him.

4. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This movie is super sweet and also has two sequels. The movie follows a teenager named Lara Jean Covey and her love interest. The sequels also show the challenges she would have to overcome in her love life.

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This is a great romantic movie to watch, and you will be snorting at the antics pulled by the characters. The movie follows a love-struck musician who must defeat the seven evil exes of his love interest in order for him to date her.

6. Your Place or Mine Can be Among the Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix to Watch This Year

This is an upcoming movie that will be out on February 12. The movie follows a pair of best friends who live on opposite coasts and operate on opposite rhythms. They switch houses for a week, and the change in perspective yields a surprising result.

7. Someone Great

This movie follows a group of best friends forever who live in New York City. The group finds strength and fulfilment from their bonds of friendship. The movie stars Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow, and De Wanda Wise.

8. Always be My Maybe

The movie follows childhood friends whose paths diverge wildly, and they later cross each other paths again after 16 years.  Also, the movie stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as the main lead. The movie would be fun to watch on Valentine’s Day.

9. Alex Strangelove Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix to Watch This Year

This follows the life of a high schooler who is planning to lose his virginity to his girlfriend, but he meets a charming and openly gay guy, and he is surprised by the attraction he feels towards him. The movie shows us how he discovers his sexual identity.

10. Girlfriends Day

This is a movie that follows Ray Wentworth, who was once a great writer. He is now down on his luck as a writer, and to recapture the feelings that made him one of the greatest writers, he gets himself into some serious situations.

11. Tick, Tick Boom

Capture the love in this romantic musical movie that is based on the autobiography by playwright Jonathan Larson. The story follows an aspiring composer who is worried that he has made the wrong career choice.

12. Love, Guaranteed Can be Among the Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix to Watch This Year

This movie follows a lawyer and her client. The client sues a dating site for failing to deliver. The movie follows Nick, who fails to form a connection through a dating site, and he hires a lawyer to represent him in his suit.

13. Our Souls at Night

This movie follows widow neighbours in a small city in Colorado. They strike up a friendship, and they decide to start sleeping together at night, which is completely platonic, to help them combat their loneliness.

14. Chocolat

This comedy-drama follows Vianne Rocher, who sweeps a little French village alongside her daughter
Anouk shakes the town with her confections and ideas. Her confections draw in both the closed-minded and also the curious.

15. Stardust Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix to Watch This Year

You will be swept into another world of magic in this romantic film. The movie follows a young man who goes to look for a star for his love interest but instead finds a young woman who is actually a star named Yvaine.


Have fun with your lover, friends and family by watching valentine’s day movies on Netflix. The movies above are romantic and comedy movies that would be fun to watch. You and your friends would have a great time.

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