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Here is a guide list to watch Hulu Valentine’s Day Movies this February. It is almost that season of the year, the season of love. Valentine’s Day. If you are planning on staying at home on Val day then this article is for you. Hulu has numerous movies as well as romantic movies to keep you busy on Val day.

Watch Hulu Valentines's Day Movies; 15 Options

15 Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu to Watch this 2023

Ahead, we have compiled a list of some Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu to Watch that will make Your day more fun.

1. Hitch

It Stars Will Smith as Alex Hitch Hitchens, James Lassiter, and Teddy Zee. Written by Andy Tennant. Hitch is a very popular matchmaker who coaches the male folks on how to win their dream girl. He has been successful in this profession for years until he meets a sardonic workaholic, Sara Melas who he finds difficult to win the heart of.

Though his recent client is making progress by applying the techniques Hitch has given him, Hitch is finding it hard to connect with Sara Melas. Find out more about this love story on Hulu.

2. Say Anything

A teenage romance story of high school students with the girl’s over-possessive father as the obstruction of their love story. Starring John Cusack, John Mahoney, and Maya Erskine. Directed by Cameron Crowe.

Say Anything centres on an average high school student Lloyd Dobler and an A student Diane Court. Diane Court is student-focused on her studies and unwilling to yield to any distractions. Surprises catch everyone when she decides to go on a dinner date with Lloyd when he asked.

Though, their love will be opposed by Diane’s over-possessive father. Download this American love story on Hulu to find out more.

3. Premature Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu to Watch this Year

Starring John Karna, Caroline Traywick, and Kate Kneeland.

Written by Dan Beers and Mattew Harawitz

Directed by Dan Beers.

Premature features a romantic summer relationship between two teenagers in scorching Harlem. This storyline gives an insight into all the genuine highs of being in love. Find out more about this young and genuine love story on Hulu.

4. Book Club

Starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, And Mary Steenburgen. This movie focuses on four friends who experience a changing twist in their lives when their book club tackled the famous 50 Shades Of Grey book. This is a comedy romance movie where each quarter motivates themselves to write new romantic chapters.

5. Blind

Directed by Michael Mailer.

Starring Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, and Dylan McDermott.

Based on a novel writer who lost his sight in a car accident he was involved in. Later on, the main character of Blind finds himself falling for a woman he has never met before during the times his eyes were functioning.

6. Love After Love Can be Among the Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu to Watch this Year

Love After Love is an American independent drama.

Starring: Andie McDowell and Chris O’Dowd.

This is a movie about a woman and her two children trying to find emotional balance and overcome the trials of life that will be thrown at them after the demise of their husband/father.

7. If Beale Street Could Talk

Directed by Barry Jenkins.

Written by Barry Jenkins and James Baldwin.

Starring Kiki Layne, Stephane James, and Regina King.

A romance and racism collision movie. This storyline centres on a young man in New York City wrongly accused fit rape. His pregnant lover will have to do anything to see him out of Jail before the birth of their son. Find out more thrilling facts about this movie on Hulu.

8. Five Feet Apart

Directed by Justin Baldoni.

Written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis.

Starring Harley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, and Moises Arias.

A hospital teenage romance. Five Feet Apart centres on a girl diagnosed with cystic fibrosis all her life. She has been battling with it all her life and has witnessed people die from it as there is no cure. Even her best friend died. She falls in love with her neighbour in the hospital and can’t get close to him.

Two people suffering from this disease are to stay 6 feet apart but love conquers 1 foot in this love story. This love story is an inspiration to people out there with cyst fibrosis out there who are finding it difficult to fall for someone. Will their love stand the test of cyst fibrosis? Find out when you download Five Feet Apart from Hulu.

9. Happiest Season Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu to Watch this Year

Directed by Clea DuVall.

Written by Clea DuVall and Mary Holland.

Starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, and Mary Steenburgen.

This storyline centres on two lovers, Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis). Abby discovers that Harper’s family is unaware of the fact that Harper is homosexual. So she is finding it difficult to meet with her family.

10. Plus One

Directed by Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer.

Starring Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid.

This is an adult romance storyline about two friends since childhood. Alice Mori and Ben King are in their mid-twenties and have been friends since childhood. They are both single and have been going to places like weddings and events together as each other plus one.

As the movie goes on, they both become bitter when Alice’s younger sister is getting married and Ben’s dad is getting married for the third time. Find out what will become of both of them on the Plus one on Hulu.

11. When Harry Meets Sally

Directed by Rob Reiner.

Starring Bily Crystal and Meg Ryan.

Tells the story of Harry and Sally who reconnects in a bookstore and try to keep a plutonic relationship.

12. No Strings Attached Can Be Among the Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu to Watch this Year

Directed by Ivan Reitman, Elizabeth Meriwether and Michael Samoneak.

Starring Nataline Portman, Ashton Kutcher, and Kelvin Kline.

Emma and Adam decide to take their relationship to the next level, having sex without falling in love. Find out if they can cope without falling in love. Download the movie on Hulu.

13. Friends With Benefits

Directed by Will Gluck.

Starring Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, and Patricia Clarkson.

Jamie Relis (Mila Kunlis) and Dylan Harper (Justin Timberlake). Jamie is a New York City headhunter attempting to sign Dylan, a Los Angeles-based art director for her client.

Along with their friendship, they start developing feelings for each other. Find out more about it on Hulu.

14. Endless

Directed by Scott Speer.

Written by Ander Case and Oneil Sharma.

Starring Alexander Shipp, Nicholas Hamilton and Deton Horton.

This is a love story spanning life and death. Riley and Chris are deeply in love but got separated by a fatal accident. While Riley blames herself for her boyfriend’s death, Chris is left in Limbo. Both of them are forced to learn the hardest lesson of all: letting go.

15. My Best Friend’s Wedding Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on Hulu to Watch this Year

This is a movie about two childhood friends, Michael O’Neal and Julianne Potter who vowed to marry each other if they remained single at age 28.

Julianne tries to prevent Michael’s wedding 4 days before her 28 years birthday. Because she realizes that she has started falling for him. Find out more on My Best Friend’s Wedding on Hulu.

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