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You may not be able to go on an outing for Valentine’s Day, but you can surely have an amazing time watching Valentine’s Day movies on HBO Max this 2024. The platform has a lot of movies, and this article has brought a few to you that are definitely worth streaming. These movies are fun and romantic and would have you laughing.

Watch HBO Max Valentines's Day Movies; 15 Options

15 Amazing Valentine’s Day Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2024

Ahead, we have compiled a list of some Valentine’s Day Movies on HBO Max to Watch that will make Your day more fun.

1. Crazy Rich Asians

Watch crazy rich Asians this Valentine’s and follow the antics of the large Chinese family and their friends. The movie follows a Chinese American with her fiancé, who is secretly filthy rich as they visit his family. The movie is so hilarious.

2. Father of the Bride

Watch this hilarious romantic comedy movie and have a laugh. In this movie, a father must come to terms with his daughter’s upcoming wedding and also handle multiple relationships within his large Cuban American family.

3. Joe Versus the Volcano Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on HBO Max to Watch this Year

This movie follows Joe who is diagnosed with an incurable disease which makes him quit his dehumanizing job and he decides to live like a king and die like a man. But for him to achieve that he would have to jump into a live volcano.

4. A Hollywood Christmas

In this movie, an up-and-coming filmmaker who has made a name for herself by directing a Christmas movie is threatened to halt production on her latest film by a network executive.

5. Holiday Harmony

In this movie is quite a good watch, you can enjoy watching it with your special someone, or with friends and family. The movie is available on HBO Max for your enjoyment.

6. Pushing Daisies Can be Among the Valentine’s Day Movies on HBO Max to Watch  this Year

This is an American drama series that you can binge-watch on valentine’s day with your special someone. You and your special someone are going to have a blast watching this series on valentine’s day.

7. Doc Hollywood

In this movie, Benjamin Stone is on his way to L. Where he plans to make big money by becoming a plastic surgeon. But he takes a detour through a small town where he finds himself getting attached to the people there

8. The New Adventures of Old Christine

In this sitcom, Christine is a gym owner who tries to cope with the struggles of her life. Which includes the antics of her irresponsible ex-husband and also his new girlfriend Christine.

9. The Notebook Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on HBO Max to Watch this Year

This is a great romance movie and it has an amazing electric chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The movie is a must-watch and also a must-re-watch for this Valentine, especially with your family and friends.

10. Magic Mike

Watch Magic Mike for this year’s Valentine’s with friends, family, and also with your special someone. The movie has a great plot and also well-rounded characters.

11. P.S I Love You

In this movie, a woman’s dead husband sends her on a scavenger hunt from beyond the grave. The movie is a little cheesy but in a good way. You are going to enjoy watching this movie with your special someone one valentine’s day.

12. Love & Basketball Can be Among the Valentine’s Day Movies on HBO Max to Watch this Year

This is a heart-wrenching romance that is starring Sanna Lathan and Omar Epps. The two of them are next-door neighbours who have dreamed of being professional basketball players since they were teenagers.

13. 13 Going on 30

This movie follows a thirteen-year-old in 1987 who gets magically transported to the year 2004 and is in the body of her thirty-year-old self. The antics displayed in the movie are super fun and it also has some depth as she grows.

14. The Graduate

This movie is an amazing one, as it is charming, hilarious and oh-so-relatable. The movie has a great soundtrack. You and your special someone would have an amazing time watching this romantic movie together.

15. The Photograph Can be One of the Valentine’s Day Movies on HBO Max to Watch this Year

In this movie, the photograph follows an estranged daughter of a famous photographer and a journalist who is wooing her. This movie details their epic romance and shows their amazing chemistry in the drama.


Watch these movies and have a wonderful time, laughing at the antics of the characters. If you are looking to make valentine’s day even more fun for you and your special someone this year this is a great way to start.

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