15 Amazing Valentine’s Day Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2024

This Valentine’s Day, you can watch lots of amazing movies on Disney Plus. Picking the right movie may be a seemingly difficult task. No worries, we’ve covered you with an awesome selection of movies.

Watch Disney Plus Valentines's Day Movies; 15 Options

15 Amazing Valentine’s Day Movies on Disney Plus to Watch this 2024

Ahead, we have compiled a list of some Valentine’s Day Movies on Disney Plus to Watch that will make Your day more fun.

1. Thor Love and Thunder

This is a fantastic movie you should consider watching on Disney Plus. The references to Norse mythology and comedy are certainly at the next level. You should check out the movie.

2. Fire of Love

Another amazing movie that you should certainly watch. It is a movie full of romance and drama. You will love watching this movie.

3. Strange World Amazing: Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

You can consider watching this movie on Valentine’s Day. It’s such an interesting and funny movie. This movie follows the events of a family and how their relationship affects other things.

4. While you Were Sleeping

This is such a strange and well-played-out Romcom. A transit worker pulls a commuter off railway tracks after a mugging. His family believes that she is his Fiancé, and she does nothing to correct them.

5. Turning Red

Turning Red is a great animated film you could watch. The animation, the voice acting, and the characters are all top-notch. In addition, it would be great to watch with family.

6. Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special is Among the Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this Valentine’s Day

You can consider watching this film on Disney Plus. A movie featuring so many great actors, for example, Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana. Definitely, after watching this, you will be smiling.

7. Hidden Figures

Another great movie to watch is Hidden Figures. It is such a thrilling and well-written movie. With this movie, you are sure to be interested the entire time. It will certainly keep you wanting more.

8. Free Guy

A very fun yet action-packed movie. Starring actor Ryan Reynolds, this movie will leave you laughing. Furthermore, it is about game characters becoming sentient.

9. Logan is One of the Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this Valentine’s Day

Logan is such an amazing and thrilling film. Speaking volumes in its own way, the story of a man who lost it all yet seeks to remember all of it. Also, the action scenes are amazing.

10. Pinocchio

You can consider watching Pinocchio on Disney Plus. The animation, story, and voice acting in this movie are definitely peaks. In addition, this movie is a sort of blast from the past.

11. Willow

This is another great movie you should watch this Valentine’s Day. The acting here is amazing; surely, you will enjoy watching this movie.

12. Deadpool is Included in the Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

Deadpool stars the amazing and funny Ryan Reynolds. This movie is sure to leave you laughing and waiting for more. In addition, the action scenes and weapons handling in this movie are phenomenal.

13. Avatar

The Avatar movie is a definite must-watch movie. It Is just amazing. This movie is certainly memorable.

14. Hidden Figure

This is an amazing story that is based on true events. It is about an African American who was the brains behind one of NASA’s successful launches.

15. Black Panther: Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this Valentine’s Day

Black Panther is a great movie that you will so much love watching. The scenes and actors in this movie are stellar. Also, it reveals a lot about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You’ll certainly love this.


You will certainly find a movie that you love on our list. Also, we hope you have a great time while watching interesting movies on this platform. so, make sure you do not stress yourself on searching for movies to enjoy watching on valentine’s day.

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