World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2020 | APPLY NOW

Are you in search of new opportunities? If you are then be prepared because applications are now open to candidates interested in the UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2020. UNWTO inspiring Africa Branding Challenge is offering important invites to actors from the marketing and branding sector to present the proposals made by them for a campaign that places Africa as a place to visit in the mindset of travellers.

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2020 | APPLY NOW

About the UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2020

Due to the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been made to pause for a while, and along with the many things that were affected was Tourism. As a matter of Fact, Tourism is the worst affected of all major economic sectors. Even with the fact that the Impact on Africa was delayed, the continent is severely affected economically and socially, by the unprecedented outbreak.

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Beyond COVID-19, the main aim of the UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2020 is to give the world a positive image concerning Africa as a tourism destination that aids the efforts of distinct countries and companies, speak out the countless positive stories known about Africa and makes tourism one of the drivers of development.

Benefits of the UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2020

The benefits of the Programme include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Association made with the UNWTO Agenda for Africa
  • An invitation offered to bring about the launch of the campaign along with the UNTWO secretary-General
  • Speaking opportunities at the UNWTO General assembly in the year 2021
  • Contribute to the aspect of supporting African development via tourism
  • Being recognized among the UNTWO African member states (ministries of Tourism) and the global tourism sector at large
  • Is a part of the UNWTO Innovation Network
  • Potential matchmaking available with partners to develop further the proposal, with details including investors, corporations and governments


  • Available to individuals who are willing to make a difference for Africa by using their imagination
  • Marketing, communication, advertising and branding firms or group of companies, start-ups and innovators, designers, marketers, brand experts and digital experts are eligible to apply
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Below are some guidelines for proposals:

  • Placing Africa prominently in the market for international tourism
  • Tell positive stories to the rich about Africa
  • Engaging in African residents’ in other to share positive values.
  • Creating positive impacts on communities via tourism
  • Beyond COVID: outputs are expected to develop a solid brand perception which will aid in the support of recovery and provide a lasting positive brand image.


All proposals by applicants are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be innovative and have a nature to inspire people
  • With the main focus placed on Africa but eventually adaptable regionally and to individual countries
  • Connected in the COVID-19 recovery situation and in the medium term
  • Integrate innovative digital tools and tech, virtual realities, IOT etc.
  • Open a Public-private partnership potentially
  • Sustainability of stress and engages in communities
  • Aid the economic growth of Africa and creating possible strategies that would attract investment
  • display and celebrate Africa’s rich cultural and biodiversity
  • Showcase and take part in celebrating Africa’s achievements and innovations

How to Apply 

All interested applicants are required to download the application terms and condition via this link before considering to apply for the UNWTO Inspiration Africa Branding Challenge 2020.

Follow this link to apply for the challenge.

Open this link to visit the official webpage for more information.

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