University of Pittsburgh Press Drue Heinz Literature Prize 2020 | APPLY NOW

The University of Pittsburgh Press Drue Heinz Literature Prize 2020 recognizes and aids writers of short fiction and makes their work available to readers from different parts of the world. As an interested candidate for the award, the University of Pittsburgh is inviting you to apply. This award is open to authors who have at least published a book-length collection of fiction or at least three brief stories or literary journals or novellas in commercial magazines.

University of Pittsburgh Press Drue Heinz Literature Prize 2020 | APPLY NOW

Details of the University of Pittsburgh Press Drue Heinz Literature Prize 2020

Prizes and Awards to be Won

the award winner would be receiving a:

  • A cash prize of $15,000
  • Publication carried out by the University of Pittsburgh press
  • Support in the nation-wide promotion of the book

Deadline: June 30, 2020

The prize of $15,000 is offered annually, plus a publication by the University of Pittsburg press is also offered annually for a collection of short fiction. The writer eligible for the award is supposed to SUBMIT A MANUSCRIPT OF 150 TO 300 PAGES from between the 1ST OF MAY AND JUNE 30. NO ENTRY FEE IS REQUIRED for the award. With that said, if you really know you want this prize, do not hesitate, give it your best and trust the outcome would be marvellous.

Eligibility for the Award

  • The award is open to writers who have published a novel or a collection of fiction measured up to a book-length with a well-recognized book publisher. Or short stories, minimum of three, or novellas in magazines or journals of national distribution. Self-publication does not count when it comes to the award requirement.
  • The award is available to English writer without minding if they are from the united states.
  • An employee of the University of Pittsburg, former employees, current students, and those who have been a student of the university for the past three years are eligible for the award.
  • Translations that were not carried out by the authors are not eligible
  • The manuscript is expected to not be less than 150 pages or more than 300 pages. Prior publication of Manuscripts as a whole in any format (including Electronic) makes it ineligible
  • Stories or novellas previously published in magazines or journals or in book form as part of an anthology are considered eligible
  • Manuscripts might also be considered by other publishers, but if a manuscript is accepted for publication somewhere else, and you are willing to accept their offer, Notify the press immediately. Any Manuscript under contract elsewhere are not considered as eligible for the award
  • Authors are free to submit more than one manuscript as long as one of the manuscripts is not a duplicate of the other.

How to Apply for the Award

Format for Electronic Submissions

Submittable contest site:

  • First, click the link stated above, and you would be taken to a more secure web page, where you would find instructions easy to follow
  • Manuscripts are expected to be double-spaced and pages must be numbered successively.
  • Each of the submission is expected to include a list of the writer’s published Short fiction work, full citations included. You would be offered the opportunity to enter the information into a field in Submittable.
  • Manuscripts would be judged anonymously. Due to that, the name of the author, and other identification information, publication information must not be stated within the manuscript. The manuscript uploaded would only be visible to the judges.

Format for Mail-In Submissions

  • Manuscripts must be double spaced on a quality white paper, Unbound, and all pages must be numbered successively. Clean, legible photocopies on a high-quality white paper would be acceptable.
  • Manuscripts would be judged anonymously. Each of the manuscripts should have two cover pages: the first one listing the title of the manuscripts and the author’s name, address, e-mail address (if available), and mobile number; and the second listings the title of the manuscript. The author’s name, other identifying information, and publication information should not appear after the first cover page.
  • No manuscripts sent would be returned. Enclosed a self-addressed stamped postcard for receipt acknowledgement of receipt.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:

Drue Heinz Literature Prize

University of Pittsburgh Press

7500 Thomas Blvd., 4th floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15260.


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