Types of Friends to Avoid If You Want to Excel in Your Academics – Friends and Academic Performance

Hey, you…why are so mood is it that you are tired of the friend you have and you are lacking behind in your academics and it was so bad that it because of the friend that you have around you that was the main causes of not you not getting the right grade you have been plain for.

Let me help you out sometimes friend help to boost grade and some time friend also drop your grade. So, for you reading this you fall in the categories of friend that are making your grade every semester, but you are this kind of person that have lots of friends and you don’t really know the that is your problem among them.

Types of Friend to Avoid If You Want to Excel in Your Academics

So, you have made this decision that you want to start avoiding some friends that are not helping your academics at all and you don’t know how to do it. Here we are going to give the list of friends you should avoid if you want to excel in your academics.

These are the list of the friend that you should avoid if you want to excel in your academics.

  • The Energy drainer

These kinds of friends are the type of friends you spend time with and you feel tired and drain because the conversation always revolves around their problem, and what they do is that they will bring an emotional dump on you in order to release and feel better. This type of Friend instead to give you this more energy to study they just drain your own energy to study.

  • The disappearance acts

These are the type of friends that they are your best friend forever and when they are single, they need you as their shield and wing in other to fill their social update. And as soon as they enter a relationship you will not see them again and if the relationship could not work out they will run back to you so that you can shield them again.

  • The taker

As we all know we have three types of people we have the taker, giver, and matches, son the takers they come to you when you are studying and learn from you and there are not ready to share what they have to know or information that they have gathered about the assignment given or the exam you are both getting ready for.

  • The person that has not grown up

These types of friends are to be avoided if you want to excel in your academics because they have not grown up to the extent that they can control their emotions, this makes them lashes out and aggressive. Because you can’t be getting ready for an exam and you are dealing with the friend’s emotional problem between you two.

  • The friend who secretly hates you

This type of friend cheers you on, exclamation point and happy face emotion but in reality, they are another thing behind you back, this kind of person would be looking for your downfall and want everything that is yours to be there own. And they can go to the extent of making your grade drop by going behind your back and spoil you in the teacher’s front.

So, if you are planning to avoid some friend and you want to have a good grade in your academic this type of Friend that was mention are the first type of friend to avoids.

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