Total E & P Nigeria Ltd. Undergraduate Internship 2020 – APPLY NOW

The Total E & P Nigeria Ltd. Undergraduate Internship is for 6 months and there are two batches which are; March to August and September to February. You are required to submit an application letter as well as your school result to the Office either in Lagos or Port Harcourt (Your Preferred choice). If selected, you would be invited for a test and thereafter called to resume if successful.

Total E & P Nigeria Ltd. Undergraduate Internship 2020 - APPLY NOW

Total Exploration and Production  Nigeria Limited, is one of the leading International Oil company in Nigeria, in-line with its Training and Development Department (Deepwater, Port-Harcourt District and Corporate) have commenced the collection of Application for the March 2018- August 2018 batch of Industrial Trainees request.


  1. SIWES documents from School
  2. Photocopy of Valid School ID (not an association or Library ID)
  3. Clear hand Written application letter

The letter should be addressed to

Training and Development Manager,

Total E&P Nigeria Limited

Port-Harcourt or Lagos

The Application letter should be brief and contain the following information

  • School Matriculation Number
  • Course of Study
  • Current Year
  • Duration of IT (Indicating Starting and Ending date)
  • Contact Email and Mobile Number

How to Apply

Applications are to be submitted manually at the places you intend doing your training

For Deepwater (Lagos)

Mrs. Abimbola Isafiade

Room 5E08/ Mail Room, Eko Tower Lagos


For Port Harcourt District

Mrs. Ebisinimi Frank-Imoh

Room 115, Building 9, Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt


For Corporate (Lagos)

Mr. Victor Enape

12RO4, Eko Tower Lagos



Total E&P Nigeria Limited Internship program accepts almost all disciplines/courses and has shown to be one of the best Internship offer a student seeking for attachment can get can get

Totals internship includes:

  • Free Lunch
  • Monthly stipend of 25-30 thousand nairas only
  • Access to medical health care
  • Free Transportation (From bus stop)


Total’s Internship Examination

Candidates/ Students that submit and meet their minimum requirements would be invited for a test /examination via SMS or email.

Total’s internship Exam usually contain English, Mathematics and Current affairs each having 25 question respectively, the time frame is usually short (10mins for each) hence you need to be familiar with their scope before entering the exam hall.



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