Things to Look Out for To Avoid Having an Extra Year – Advice for Students Starting the University

The problem of some people not have a good grade and it we lead then to extra year it started from the there fresher day, because during those time student we feel what we all call freedom to anything and if they enjoy this freedom too much they we forget about the reason why were send to school and this may make then to have extra year in school .

Things to Look Out for To Avoid Having an Extra Year

To all this freshman it is go for you to know that your first year in university is like a foundation to everything you are going to do with your life, so if there is no strong foundation, we all known that the building (your academic) is at stake.

So, for you not to have an extra year in school your just have to look out and avoid some thing. And this are the thing to look out for to avoid having an extra year.

  • Avoid wasting your time on party and thing that don’t add to your study
  • Avoid having negative friends
  • Don’t try to do it alone (read alone, do assignment alone, or do project alone)
  • Don’t by mistake miss any classes
  • Try not to be an isolated person
  • Avoid not paying attention in class
  • Avoid cramming before exams
  • Stay away from chit in examination hall
  • Avoid have dating someone and break up close the examination
  • Avoid been disrespectful to your lecturer and non academic staff
  • Don’t be shady not to ask question and ask for help if you don’t understand things
  • Avoid junky and bulky reading
  • Avoid been addicted to your phones
  • Avoid accusing with people that I don’t know what they want in life
  • Don’t let your socialization over shadow you academics
  • Avoid using your phone to talk note in class make used of your hands
  • Avoid doing like a highlander of knowledge

So, for you to avoid not to have extra year this are the thing you should not avoid, if you can avoid all these things mention I don’t think there Is anything that we make you have extra year in your university days.

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