3 Things Nigerian University Students can do to Earn Money During this Stay at Home Period 

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease got serious the federal government of the nation ordered that all schools be closed. Following this order, most students were sent back home by the management of their individual school. Now, most students are sitting at home doing nothing and some of these students are already tired of staying at home. We came up with some things to do to get the best out of this stay at home period. We have listed some Things Nigerian Students can do to Earn Money During this Stay at Home Period.

There are a lot of things Nigerian University Students can do to earn money during this stay at home period but they don’t just know about it yet. This is why we made this post to educate our Nigerian students on things they can do that will end them money before going back to various schools. Instead of staying at home, doing nothing all through you can do one or two things to earn you some money before returning to school.

Things Nigerian Students can do to Earn Money

Apart from doing these things just to earn you some money, it also gives you a sens6of independence. When you work and earn money, you won’t have to ask your patar6for money all the time. With the money you earn, you can sponsor some of your needs on your own. Below are some of the Things Nigerian Students can do to Earn Money During this Stay at Home Period.

1. Learn a Skill.

If you have not acquired skill or a trade, you can do so now, because once you have something like this, it will be yours forever. After acquiring a skill, you can use this skill to earn a lot of money. You can learn skills like web design, Photoshop, Corel draw, writing, coding and many other related skills.

2. Start a Business.

As we said earlier, it is important you have a sense of independence from now. Starting your own business and earning some money will give you a sense of what it is like to be independent and pay some of your bills.

3. Get a Job.

This applies to those that have learnt a skill or so. You can get jobs online like freelancing jobs which you can do from home. In fact, this is the one that will earn you the most money and you don’t need capital to begin this. If you are a graphics designer or a web designer, a programmer or a writer you can open a freelance account to start working remotely and earning money.

Instead of spending your time playing games and binge-watching, you can do any of the things listed above to get some money for yourself.



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